Vidyasirimedhi Institute of Science and Technology (VISTEC)

The first world-class research institute in science and technology in Rayong, named “Rayong Advanced Institute of Science and Technology or RAIST” (which later on changed to Vidyasirimedhi Institute), has been founded and strives towards world-class academic research and creating knowledge and cutting-edge innovation for the Thai society. Although full support in research funding, university infrastructure, research facilities, teaching equipment and human resources are provided by PTT Public Company Limited, Vidyasirimedhi Institute is designed to be autonomous and academically independent. This ensures that it can professionally and carefully select exceptionally talented students in science and technology to achieve world-class academic excellence. Vidyasirimedhi Institute have the mission to increase the country’s competitiveness and foster the best people in science and technology to ensure guide sustainable development and increase prosperity in Thailand.