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The National Institute of Education (NIE) is the sole teacher training institute in Singapore and a part of the Nanyang Technological University. NIE enrollment is 5,140 full-time equivalent students, with a ratio of 69% female and 31% male students (as at August 2006).

With the expansion in school enrollment at the end of the War, an unprecedented need for teachers was created. This led to the establishment of the Teachers’ Training College (TTC) in 1950, which conducted certificate courses in Education for non-graduates. On 1 April 1973, the Institute of Education (IE) was established from the TTC. The College of Physical Education (CPE) was set up in July 1984 at IE to train specialist teachers in physical education and on 1 July 1991, both IE and CPE were merged to form NIE. Several new courses were introduced through the years until now. Instead of being organized into faculties/schools along the lines of the traditional structure in other institutions of higher learning, NIE is organized according to the types of programs it provides. The four major thrusts of NIE under the new structure are: Foundation Programs (Undergraduate Studies), Graduate Programs and Research, Academic Computing and Information Services and Corporate Planning and Development.

Known For

NIE is a teacher training institute and its degrees are focused only on education and related specializations.

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Financial Assistance Available

Nanyang Technological University Research Scholarship:

Only candidates with First Class Honours or Second Class (Upper Division) Honours or its equivalent are considered for the scholarship regardless of their citizenship. Applicants must, at the time of the award of the Research Scholarship, have been assured of admission as a full-time candidate for a higher degree by research of this University.

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There are a number of University administered scholarships, loans and bursaries which are donated by commercial organizations, professional bodies, private individuals and Foundations to encourage academic excellence and assist student teachers who are in financial need. Scholarships are awarded based on academic merit while loans and bursaries are given to assist student teachers who encounter financial difficulties… Details at:


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Currently, the total annual fees payable for local andinternational candidates are as follows (in Singapore dollars):

Bachelor of Arts (Education): S$21,849.40

Bachelor of Science (Education): S$23,989.40


All PhD and Master Programs by Research cost S$4,790.00 per year. Master by Coursework cost approximately either S$3,000 or S$13,000 or S$23,000 per year, depending on the program.

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Living costs:

The estimated monthly expenses of an international student in Singapore are as follows (in Singapore dollars):

Meals (University canteens and food centers): $250 – $400

Accommodation: $225 – $400

Transport expenses (locally): $100 – $150

Other expenses (stationery, toiletries, laundry, recreation, etc): $300 – $500

General Application Procedure


International students (also called full-fee paying students) have to follow the following procedures:

  • Download, complete and submit NIE’s application form to NIE’s Admissions and Records, Foundation Programmes Office.
  • Submit the online degree programme application through the NTU (Nanyang Technological University) website at

Important: Application forms need to be submitted to both NIE and NTU for consideration for admission. Please include all supporting documents and academic qualifications in your application and follow the instructions as indicated in the application form.

International students would need to show proof of their proficiency in English language by submitting one of the following English Language Test results:

  • TOEFL; or
  • IELTS; or
  • GCE ‘O’ Level, English as a First Language

At NIE’s discretion, international students may need to sit for an English Language test and/or to enroll into NIE’s English Content Upgrading Courses.

International students would need to apply for a study visa (student pass) before they can study in Singapore.

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Programs by Research:

Master by Coursework:

Doctor in Education:

Important Dates


The intake is in July. The institute uses a semester system.


Programs by Research and by Coursework have two intakes a year: in January (deadline in July) and in July (deadline in January). Sometimes one of the two intakes is reserved for students with special requirements only, so check before applying.

Degrees Offered


BA General Primary Education
BA Education (Chinese/Malay Language Specialization) (Primary)
BA General Secondary Education
BA Education (Chinese/Malay Language Specialization) (Secondary)
BS General Primary Education
BS Education (Physical Education & Sports Science) (Primary)
BS General Secondary Education
BS Education (Physical Education & Sports Science) (Secondary)


MA Applied Linguistics (part- time)
MA Educational Management (part- time)
MA Social Studies (part- time)
Master of Education (part- time)
MS Exercise and Sport Studies (part- time)
MS Life Sciences (part- time)
MS Mathematics for Educators (part- time)
MA Applied Psychology
MA by Research English Language
MA by Research English Literature
MA by Research Chinese / Malay / Tamil Language and Literature
MA by Research History
MA by Research Geography
MA by Research Music
MA by Research Art
MA by Research Drama and Performance
MA by Research Sociology of Education
MA by Research History of Education
MA by Research Special Needs Education
MA by Research Educational Measurement and Evaluation
MA by Research Multimedia and Information Technology
MA by Research Curriculum and Instruction
MA by Research School/Educational Management
MA by Research Gifted and Talented Education
MA by Research Early Childhood Education
MA by Research Educational Management
MA by Research Sport Studies
MA by Research Sports Pedagogy
MS by Research Biological Sciences
MS by Research Chemistry
MS by Research Physics
MS by Research Mathematics
MS by Research Sport Sciences
MED Art Education (part- time)
MED Chinese Language Education (part- time)
MED Curriculum and Teaching (part- time)
MED Drama Education (part- time)
MED Early Childhood Education (part- time)
MED Educational and Psychological Measurement and Evaluation (part- time)
MED English Language Education (part- time)
MED English Literature Education (part- time)
MED Gifted Education (part- time)
MED Learning Sciences and Technologies (part- time)
MED Malay Language Education (part- time)
MED Mathematics Education (part- time)
MED Music Education (part- time)
MED Primary Education (part- time)
MED Science Education (part- time)
MED Secondary Education (part- time)
MED Special Education (part- time)
MED Tamil Language Education (part- time)


PhD English Language
PhD English Literature
PhD Chinese / Malay / Tamil Language and Literature
PhD History
PhD History Education
PhD Geography
PhD Geography Education
PhD Social Studies Education
PhD Music
PhD Art
PhD Drama and Performance
PhD Educational Psychology
PhD Counseling Psychology
PhD Sociology of Education
PhD History of Education
PhD Special Needs Education
PhD Educational Measurement and Evaluation
PhD Mathematics Education
PhD Multimedia and Information Technology
PhD Curriculum and Instruction
PhD School/Educational Management
PhD Gifted and Talented Education
PhD Early Childhood Education
PhD Educational Management
PhD Biological Sciences
PhD Chemistry
PhD Physics
PhD Mathematics
PhD Sport Sciences
PhD Sport Studies
PhD Sports Pedagogy
Doctor of Education