Scholarships for Computers & IT

PLEASE NOTE: For official information, specific details, and updated deadlines and instructions, please check the organization’s website and current application forms. If you have problems or questions, please contact us.

Scholarships in this page are listed in one of two groups. The first group give priority to at least one major in this interest area. The second group lists scholarships where at least one major is eligible, but not given any priority. You will need to read through our profiles to consider which scholarships are suitable for your specific major.

If there are no scholarships for which you are eligible here, please return to the Scholarships page to browse through other categories of scholarships.

At least one major in Computers and IT is given priority under the following scholarship programs:

Asian Development Bank »

At least one major in Computers and IT is eligible under the following scholarship programs:

Assumption University Partial Tuition Fee Waiver (AU Waiver) »
Brackett Foundation »
Cetana »
Child’s Dream and diversethics Foundation »
Czech Republic Government Scholarships »
DAAD: Postgraduate Degree Courses with Relevance to Developing Countries »
DAAD: Inter-university Partnerships »
DAAD: Research Grants for Doctoral Candidates and Young Academics and Scientists »
DAAD: Study Visits / Study Seminars and Practicals by Foreign Students »
Erasmus Mundus Scholarhips »
Heinrich Boell Germany »
Hong Kong University Scholarships »
Japan International Cooperation Agency »
KAAD-Asian Institute of Technology »
New Zealand Development Scholarship »
Open University Australia Scholarship »
Prospect Burma »
Rangsit University Partial Tuition Fee Waiver (RU Waiver) »
Singapore Tuition Grant Scheme »
Supplementary Grants Program Asia »
Thabyay Small Grant Initiative »
United Nations University Fellowship »