Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society Fellowship

PLEASE NOTE: for official information, specific details, and updated deadlines and instructions, please check the organization’s website and current application forms; if you have problems or questions, please contact us.


  • 3 September


  • The Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society’s Emerging Leaders International Fellows Program provides nonprofit sector leadership training through seminars, applied research and mentorships.
  • The program is open to young scholars and practitioners interested in building Third-Sector capacity in their home countries or regions.
  • Fellows are based at The Graduate Center of The City University of New York, where they design and pursue an individualized research project and participate in a seminar with Third-Sector leaders. The Center determines the program’s topics of focus each year.
  • Fellows will participate in a 3-month seminar (Monday March 1 to Friday May 28, 2010) on the U.S. and international voluntary sectors. They will learn about the work of key agencies and meet with foundation leaders and other nonprofit representatives. They will also attend selected workshops or conferences.
  • Fellows are expected to produce a 25-page research paper on their findings, which will be presented in the seminar. The research topic for applicants to the 2010 Emerging Leaders Program is community foundations. A limited number of fellowships for research on diaspora or corporate philanthropy may also be available.
  • Each fellowship award covers the cost of tuition. As part of the award, the Center will also provide single-room dormitory accommodations with shared facilities at International House (adjacent to Columbia University), economy round-trip air travel to and from New York City and a generous stipend (taxable) to help cover research-related and additional living expenses.
  • Tuition-based appointments may also be made, pending approval by the selection committee. Tuition information is available upon request.
  • Please note that due to a high volume of applications received, research proposals that address topics other than community foundations, diaspora philanthropy, and corporate philanthropy will not be considered.

Eligibility and Restrictions:

  • The program is open to practitioners and researchers under the age of 36 who are citizens of countries other than the United States.
  • Applicants must hold a college or university degree and speak and write English fluently.
  • In addition, preference will be given to candidates who have strong professional ties to a community foundation, grantmaking NGO or other Third-Sector institution, have demonstrated research skills, and are committted to furthering the work of community foundations, corporate giving or diaspora philanthropy.

Application Procedure:

  • Apply online; check the website for current link to the application; links change each year

Required Attachments:

  • a résumé or curriculum vitae identifying past and present employment, as well as educational experience, and including, if applicable, a list of relevant presentations and publications;
  • a 3 to 5 page research proposal that identifies a research topic on community foundations, questions to be addressed in the research, and the anticipated methodology; and
  • a statement of what the applicant seeks to accomplish during the program and how the fellowship would enhance career plans.
  • Any overseas experience should also be described.