Assumption Waiver (Assumption University home page) (AU applying from abroad)

Student studying outside at University

PLEASE NOTE: for official information, specific details, and updated deadlines and instructions, please check the organization’s website and current application forms; if you have problems or questions, please contact us.


  • deadlines for scholarships: 15 March for SGPB and CD, 31 March for PB each year
  • deadline for university (international student, undergraduate level): 19 July each year
  • graduate degrees have separate processes according to each AU department with different deadlines, see the AU website for further information about your proposed program


  • Assumption University offers a 50% tuition fee waiver for students studying on their program who receive scholarships from SGPB, PB, or CD
  • only reduces tuition fees; other fees are priced as usual (therefore the actual amount varies according to how many credits you will study that semester)
  • does not apply to housing, transport, etc.
  • Full information on these waivers is available from Student Support Service

Eligibility and Restrictions:

  • applicable to recipients of scholarships from: SGPB, CD, PB
  • you must be accepted to university
  • the application fee is 500 baht for Assumption University

Application Procedure:

  • Apply to SGPB or PB to study at Assumption University and you will automatically be considered; write to Student Support Service to find out about the waiver
  • there is no specific application in order to get this 50% tuition fee waiver
  • you must apply to university on your own and get accepted
  • you must apply to scholarship such as SGPB, CD, and PB on your own (read our profiles for Supplementary Grants Program Burma, Child’s Dream, and Prospect Burma for specific instructions on how to apply to those programs)
  • graduate degrees have separate processes according to each department with different deadlines, see the AU website for further information about you proposed program

Direct Application for Assumption University (undergraduate degrees):

  • For those who prefer, they may write to: Assumption University; Office of the Registrar; Ramkhamhaeng 24 Road.; Hua Mak, Bangkapi; Bangkok 10240 Thailand; and request an application package. When returning the application, be sure to include all the required documents (see below).

On-Line Application for Assumption University (undergraduate degrees):

  • One may apply on-line by going to the AU website at When applying on-line, you must also print out a copy of the completed form and forward it to the Registrar’s office along with the required supporting documents. On-line applications receive a more immediate response and a conditional acceptance may be granted pending a review of documents forwarded by mail(The application fee will be payable upon arrival).

After you apply to Assumption University (undergraduate degrees):

  • Upon receipt of documents, AU will evaluate and process an acceptance letter, which includes breakdown of expenses, a visa letter and other necessary information students ought to know upon entry of the institution. The visa letter will not be issued until a $1,000US deposit is paid; however, you can ask Student Support Service for assistance in getting the acceptance letter for scholarship applications; the acceptance letter will be sent through the Student Support Service.
  • This acceptance letter will be sent directly to the mailing address given by the applicant within the week all documents were completely submitted.


For Assumption University (undergraduate degrees):

  • Your application will require submission of the following important documents. Please send photocopies only. If accepted, bring the original documents for confirmation upon arrival and registration. The application documents should be mailed to the Registrar’s Office or faxed to (662) 719-1509 or by e-mail at
  • Bachelor’s level application
    • A photocopy of your SAT I test score (if requested)
    • A photocopy of your academic certificates and transcripts. If they are not in English, please include a certified translation.
    • A summary/resume of any work experience and other relevant activities (if any)
    • A statement of purpose which tells us about yourself and your reasons for choosing your course of study
  • Candidates should submit scanned copies of their transcript, diploma or equivalent certificates and a copy of their passport through email or post mail.