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The program is fully subscribed for 2014. In the fall of 2014 a notice concerning scholarships for 2015 will be posted on the website www.cetana.org.

Scholar’s Program

Cetana’s Scholar’ Program was the initial mission of Cetana. The foundation responded to educatiors in Burma who were eager to send their most academically gifted students aboard for futher study in order to advance the soical and economic conditions in the country. Cetana has supported 80 scholars in their quest to study abroad. When these scholars return to Myanmar they work to advance the social and economic conditions in their country.


The Scholarship Program was among Cetana’s first initiatives. Since its inception in 1993, Cetana provides a limited number of scholarships for study in the United States and in Asia (primarily Thailand) at both the undergraduate and graduate levels for fields of study that will enable the graduates to return to Myanmar and engage in occupations that will benefit the country and its people. Scholars are expected to return to live and work in Myanmar once their studies are completed.

Scholars pledge to return to Myanmar / Burma for a period of at least three years after they complete their studies, so that they can share their new knowledge and experience. As of Spring, 2010, 48 scholars have returned to Myanmar; these men and women work in the medical field (doctors, nurses), in education (teachers), with NGOs (micro-finance, gender training, rural development, forestry, marine preservation, etc.), and in business (accounting, business consulting).

A Cetana scholarship covers the cost of education, room and board, travel to and from the university, and associated expenses throughout the period of study. Many universities offer students the opportunity to participate in research seminars or study abroad at no extra cost. Cetana also provides mentors who are available to offer the scholars advice and practical support in bridging cultures.

Scholars from all religious and ethnic groups in Myanmar / Burma are eligible for scholarships. Because the foundation has limited resources, the number of new scholarships each year is limited, generally determined by the number of scholars graduating and by possibilities of co-sponsorship with the schools and other like-minded organizations.

Applicants for a Cetana scholarship must be current residents in Myanmar / Burma and must already be accepted into a program of study that will enable the graduate to help develop social services or human resources within Myanmar. All scholars will be asked to sign a contract that promises their return to Myanmar / Burma for 3 years after graduation. Other criteria also apply.

Partner institutions:

Eligibility and Restrictions:

1. Applicant is a current resident of Myanmar.
2. Applicant’s chosen area of study is useful in developing social services or human resources within Myanmar on return.
3. Applicant has shown distinction in undergraduate studies.
4. Applicant has no political affiliation.
5. Applicant has demonstrated, prior to application, leadership in activities that benefit others.
6. Applicant has a good facility in English, demonstrated by a TOEFL score of at least 525 (paper; 197 computer) or an IELTS score of at least 5.5, and through a short essay that is part of the application.
7. Applicant possesses some working experience in Myanmar that is relevant to the area of study.
8. Applicant should have been accepted in school of choice and should submit letter of acceptance with application. Applicants for AIT must have at least a one-term scholarship.
9. After acceptance as a Cetana Scholar, the applicant must pass his/her own medical examination satisfactorily and must be certified as medically fit.
10. Applicant’s family should assist in costs of study where appropriate (e.g., passport, visa, medical exam, clothing).
11. Priority will be given to applicants for M.A. programs, to applicants who are 40 years of age or less, and to applicants for whom Cetana can share costs with other institutions and organizations. Applicants may be from any religious or ethnic group—Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, or Christian. Rotation among ethnic groups is practiced.
12. Cetana Scholars will sign a pledge to return to Myanmar for a minimum of three years after completion of courses and two persons will sign as guarantors.

Application Procedure:

Application can be obtained from:
Scholarship Application form

or by writing to:

Cetana Educational Foundation – Myanmar

156 Baho Street

Sanchaung Township,

Yangon, Myanmar

Phone: 09423723526


Cetana Educational Foundation – US

200 West 10th Street

Nwe York, NY 10014 USA

Phone: (518) 392-8028