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About Open Universities Australia Open Universities Australia (OUA) is a company owned by seven Australian universities: Curtin University, Griffith University, Macquarie University, Monash University, RMIT University, Swinburne University of Technology and University of South Australia. Australian universities are world renowned for their quality due to strong government support and their highly regarded accreditation processes.  The Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA) ensures that the quality of education is of the highest standard.  In addition, national protocols mean that the term ‘university’ can only be used by government accredited higher education institutions. OUA provides flexible ways to study towards a university degree for those who cannot study on campus by removing the barriers of distance, time and entry requirements. About The Scholarship In 2006, the OUA Board of Management allocated 25 scholarships to address the educational needs of displaced people from Burma/Myanmar in Thailand and assist them to achieve their academic goals. In February, 2012, OUA Burma project celebrated its first graduation ceremony on the borders for the students who have graduated with bachelor degrees and postgraduate diplomas. OUA is again offering scholarships for Burmese students living in displacement in Thailand. Moreover, we have made 5 additional scholarship places available to the people of Myanmar (Burma) living inside Myanmarin 2013.   The scholarship provides support for students to complete a degree qualification through OUA.  It provides for:

  1. Tuition fees for the completion of a degree – that means 24 undergraduate units or up to 12 postgraduate units
  2. Educational resources – textbooks, CDs, course materials.

In addition, OUA provides an onsite coordinator located on the Thailand/Myanmar border who acts as a support person and tutor in relation to general issues of study. OUA Academic Transition ProgramAll undergraduate students are required to successfully complete an academic transition program before progressing to their program of choice.  The aim of this program is to improve students’ written English skills and provide orientation to study at university level within the Australian context.  It consists of four units:

1st Study Period: English Preparation IELTS500 or IELTS Master
2nd Study Period: Foundation Unit 1 unit from: PREPAC Preparing for Academic Study
3rd Study Period: Foundation Unit 1 unit from: SSK130 Learning & Communication Behaviour SSK10  Tertiary Learning Strategies COM15 Developing Research and Analytical Skills
4th Study Period:   Commence Major Sequence: Choose a major sequence and complete the first Level 1 unit in accordance with the recommended study pattern in the course.

Note that one Study Skills unit (SSK unit) will count towards an undergraduate degree. Students may be able to receive credit for previous studies conducted at other institutions. This would be subject to a formal application process through the provider university. Degree Programs: Following successful completion of the OUA Academic Transition Program, students can undertake any of the 42 undergraduate degree programs that do not require attendance. This may be one of the following programs.  

  1. Bachelor of Business (Swinburne) –  majors in Economics, Information and Business Systems,   Marketing, and Tourism Management. 
  2. Bachelor of Business (Griffith) –        majors in Management, Human Resource Management and Contemporary Marketing. 
  3. Bachelor of Arts (Murdoch) –             degrees in Community Development, Sustainable Development,        International Aid and Development
  4. Bachelor of Technology (Computing Studies) (RMIT)
  5. Bachelor of Arts (Griffith) –                choice of eight majors.
  6. Bachelor of Arts (Macquarie) –           choice of seven majors.
  7. Bachelor of Communication (Griffith) – majors in Journalism, Media Communication, and Public Relations.
  8. Bachelor of Liberal Studies (Griffith)
  9. Bachelor of Accounting (University of South Australia)

Postgraduate students can make application for any program that does not require attendance.   Academic Progress: Undergraduate students must successfully complete the OUA Academic Transition Program before being awarded a full scholarship for the degree program of their choice.   Undergraduate and postgraduate students must:

  1. Maintain a pass rate of at least 50% of units, once four units have been attempted.
  2. be permitted no more than two attempts at each unit;
  3. not take a first study break of longer than two consecutive study periods,
  4. except where the offer schedule imposes a necessary longer break;
  5. Seek written approval for any subsequent study breaks which are longer than one study period.

Scholarship holders are required to abide by all the terms and conditions of the scholarship which will be outlined in a contract letter signed by the student. Eligibility Criteria:Applicants must:

  1. have completed Post Ten Certificate/ training program or have a minimum of 2 years of full time work experience;
  2. be able to support themselves financially;
  3. demonstrate proficiency in spoken and written English at Intermediate level:
  4. demonstrate the motivation and capacity to successfully complete a university program;
  5. be computer literate and have regular access to a computer and the Internet for online study.

English Language Requirements: For successful study, OUA recommends that international students wishing to study throughOpen UniversitiesAustraliaachieve an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) overall score of at least:

  • 6.5 for undergraduate study
  • 7.0 for postgraduate study

Selection Process:  Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic record, application form, references, English language test and interview, indicating the applicant’s English language skills and capacity for university education. Equity in terms of age, ethnicity, location and gender will be taken into account.

How to apply  

  1. Complete the OUA University Scholarship Application Form, including:
  2. your choice of study program – Business, IT,  Arts or Humanities, or postgraduate course
  3. essays 1, 2 and 3.
  4. copies of your current and all academic transcripts (if not available, explain why).
  5. copies of official documentation (the identifying pages of your passport or other official I.D. with English translation).  If no documents are available, please attach a short explanation.
  6. proof of your ethnicity from Myanmar/Burma with English translation.  If no documents are available, please attach a short explanation.
  7. names of two (2) people whom you have asked to complete the Reference Forms: one, a teacher or academic advisor familiar with your academic capacity; the other a responsible adult, other than a family member, who knows you well.
    1. Email Application Forms to:
    2. Only online applications will be accepted.
    3. The closing date for receipt of applications is 18 January 2013.
  8. If selected for interview, attend interview and sit test on (date and place to be decided).  Applicants must bring 1 set of copies of original documents to the interview.
    1. Successful candidates must attend an Orientation, and negotiate access to computer and Internet with the Coordinator, before commencing study in early March, 2013.
    2. You will only be contacted by OUA Myanmar/Burma Project Scholarships Selection Team if you are successful with your application.

Application Timeline:  

Scholarships announced: 21 December 2012
Application Deadline: 18 January 2013
Short Listed applicants informed: 20 January 2013
Thailand Myanmar border: English Test, Interview and IT Test: 22 – 31 January 2013
Inside Myanmar: English Test, Interview and IT Test: 5 – 15 February 2013
Applicants Notified: and Accept offer: 20 February 2013
OUA Enrolments Close: 28 February 2013
Study Commencement date: 4 March 2013

  Additional Instructions

  1. Read the following pages carefully before you fill out the application, and make sure that you understand everything. It may make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful application.
  2. NOTE: If one or more of the documents mentioned above is missing from your application, without explanation, your application will be disqualified.  If you expect a document to become available after you submit your application, please indicate this in a cover letter and send the missing document as soon as it becomes available.
    Inform us IMMEDIATELY of any change of address and contact number after you submit your application!