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Download the 2014 application form for applicants applying to study in Southeast Asia and Hong Kong
Download the guidance notes for 2014 scholarship applicants to help you complete the application
Study Report Template 

Application deadline: February 28, 2014


Prospect Burma’s mission is to invest in the democratic future of Myanmar through its youth. Prospect Burma seeks to educate those who will spread their knowledge and skills back to Myanmar for the country’s future growth and development. Prospect Burma aims to create a cadre of highly-educated Burmese people who are able to contribute their specialized skills to rebuilding civil society in Myanmar.

Prospect Burma helps students who have a good academic record, who can demonstrate financial need, and who intend to eventually return to Myanmar to help the democratic rebuilding of the country.

Prospect Burma is a partial scholarship, meaning it does not pay 100% of a student’s costs. A Prospect Burma scholarship can be used for tuition and university fees, books and course materials, accommodation and food, etc. The scholarship can not be used for international travel, computers, previously-accrued debt, or living costs for dependents (such as spouses or children). In addition, students are expected to have an additional source of funding from family members, university fee waivers, other scholarship programs, part-time work, etc.

Prospect Burma scholarships must be applied for annually. Prospect Burma requires successful applicants to sign a grant letter and to observe the conditions of the award. If a student fails to observe the conditions, they will be liable to repay the money and will not be eligible for future awards.

Eligibility and Restrictions:

You may qualify for an award if you are of Burmese origin and are:

  • Accepted for and/or enrolled in a first degree (undergraduate) course at an accredited college or university in South East Asia, Hong Kong, or India, or – if with proof of another scholarship/fee waiver – at a first world university;
  • Already studying, or accepted for, a Master’s degree course;

Priority Subjects

This year we particularly welcome applications to study Governance, Public Administration, Development, Economics and Law.

We will also consider applications to study Agriculture/Forestry/Fisheries, Education/Teaching, Environment, Public and Community Health/Nursing, Human Rights and Social Work.  Please note: all other subjects are excluded and applications for these will not be registered or considered.

Priority will be given to students currently resident in and applying from Burma.

Application Procedure:

Completed application forms should be sent by email to


Prospect Burma requires the following supporting documents, translated into English:

  • Two letters of reference, including at least one academic reference
  • Proof of enrollment at a university or college, or a letter explaining when you expect to receive such proof
  • Copy of any letter giving other scholarships, grants, or financial awards (if applicable)
  • Copy of academic transcripts (certificates and grade reports) for the highest level of education you have completed
  • Copy of the personal details page of your passport or travel document (if available)
  • Any additional information you feel supports your application, such as a CV, TOEFL or IELTS transcripts, certificates of completion, etc.

If you are unable to provide any of the attachments listed above, please include a cover letter explaining why you cannot provide them and when you are likely to obtain them.

Please note, anyone sending false documents, making untrue statements, or failing to disclose all relevant information will NOT receive a grant this year or in the future.

If Prospect Burma have given you a grant in the past, they will only consider a new application if you have fulfilled the conditions set out in your grant letter and supplied them with a full report on your studies.