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Phnom Penh, Cambodia


After coming back to Cambodia from the United States in the early 1990’s, discussions with many academics and other intellectuals, both Cambodian and foreign, led Dr. Kao Kim Hourn to conclude that there was an absolute need for a reputable university which sought to open up the world at large to the next generation of bright young Cambodians, to compensate for the depredations suffered by their parents. This required the design and implementation of programs which broadened the students’ perspectives (especially necessary given the limitations of the education offered by high schools – another consequence of our recent history); to this end, he selected the American, credit-based system as a model. Furthermore, he realized that, to broaden the students’ outlook, it was necessary to teach these programs in the medium of English: not only would this make them more marketable in a globalized world, but it also expanded the pool of potential teachers, including through collaborative exchange agreements with universities elsewhere in Asia and beyond. As a result of these discussions, together with the input of his own money and the donation of money and books, computers, and other materials by others, the University of Cambodia was established. It was officially opened by Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen on 23 June, 2003.

Known For

Encyclopedia of Cambodia:

At the moment, there is no single modern reference source about Cambodia in the English language. This makes it difficult for students, researchers, educators, and others, whether from Cambodia or elsewhere, to readily access reliable, in-depth information when they are researching a particular topic on Cambodia.

As part of its academic mission, the University of Cambodia aims to fill this gap with the launch of the Encyclopedia of Cambodia and to make contribution to the Cambodian society.

They are looking for suggestions for articles, and also for potential contributors who are willing to submit drafts of these articles. It is their plan to make this encyclopedia as comprehensive as possible. All original authors or contributors of all accepted articles will be fully acknowledged.

Myanmar Students at This University

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Financial Assistance Available


The University of Cambodia is committed to building a tradition of inspiring students to think beyond simplicity and to view learning as an adventure where they can discover, create and contribute to knowledge development in their respective fields and help the community. The University of Cambodia Scholarship Program offers qualified students the opportunity to study in an academic institution that focuses on quality teaching, research and scholarship.

There are three different categories of undergraduate Scholarship:

  • Academic Excellence Scholarships
  • Scholastic Aptitude Scholarships
  • Partial Scholarships

Note that there are a number of other scholarships and other awards available to suitably qualified applicants: please contact the Office of Admissions and Registration for further information

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A Bachelor degree program costs US$ 1,904


A Master degree program costs US$ 2,160. A Doctoral degree program costs US$ 7,800

General Application Procedure

In order to be considered for a Bachelor’s degree program, an applicant must:

  • have a high school diploma or an equivalent;
  • take and pass the University of Cambodia Undergraduate Entrance Examination, and an English Proficiency Exam

In order to be considered for a Master’s degree program, an applicant must:

  • have a good Bachelor degree or an equivalent;
  • take and pass the University of Cambodia Graduate Entrance Examination and an English Proficiency Exam.

In order to be considered for a Doctoral degree program, an applicant must:

  • have a Master degree or an equivalent;
  • submit samples of writing.

Application forms may be obtained online at or from the University of Cambodia Office of Admissions and Registrations. Please submit the completed application form to the University of Cambodia Office of Admissions and Registrations.

The University of Cambodia requires all prospective students to take a simple English Proficiency Exam, to determine whether they should be initially directed to do some preliminary non-degree courses at our Centre for English Studies, to better prepare them for their chosen degree program

Details at: (About entrance exams)

Important Dates

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Degrees Offered


BA American Studies
BA Asian Studies
BA Cambodian Studies
BA Southeast Asian Studies
BA Communications
BA Fine Arts and Performing Arts
BA English
BA French
BA Japanese
BA Chinese
BA Journalism
BA Linguistics
BA Philosophy and Religious Studies
Bachelor of Education
Bachelor of Public Law
Bachelor of Private Law
Bachelor of Management
BS Community Health Education
BS Social Work
BS Biology
BS Chemistry
BS Information Technology
BS Physics
BA Anthropology
BA Development Studies
BA Geography
BA History
BA International Relations
BA Peace Studies
BA Political Science
BA Psychology
BA Public Policy
BA Sociology
BA Women’s Studies


MA Anthropology
MA Development Studies
MA History
MA International Relations
MA Peace Studies
MA Political Science
MA Psychology
Master of Public Policy
MA Sociology
MA Asian Studies
MA Communications
MA English
MED Educational Administration
MED Teaching English as a Foreign Language
Master International Law
Master International Organizations
Master Private International Law and International Business Law
Master of Management
Master of Public Health
Master of Social Work
MS Biology
MS Information Technology


PhD Anthropology
PhD History
PhD International Relations
PhD Political Science
PhD Psychology
PhD Sociology
PhD Asian Studies
Doctor of Education
PhD Biology