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Angeles City, Philippines


Angeles University Foundation, a non-stock, non-profit educational institution, was established on May 25, 1962 by Mr. Agustin P. Angeles, Dr. Barbara Y. Angeles and family. After only less than nine years of successful operation, the Institution was granted University status on April 16, 1971 by the Department of Education, Culture and Sports. Angeles University envisions to become a center of excellence in instruction, research, and community extension services in the country and in the global community.

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Financial Assistance Available

There are some scholarships available, but you should contact the Office of Student Affairs and Financial Aid to make sure for which of these foreigners are eligible. For graduate school, check with the individual schools within the university for more information. See also:


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General Application Procedure


All students seeking admission to the University are required to take the AUF College Admission Test (AUFCAT).

The AUFCAT is an instrument aimed at measuring the student’s potential for college performance. It consists of three-subject proficiency sub-tests and one mental ability subtest. The subject proficiency sub-tests are in English, math and science. The mental ability sub-test, meanwhile, is in inductive reasoning.

All students who take the AUFCAT are ranked according to their general weighted average (GWA). The GWA results from combining the performance rating in the AUFCAT, the weighted average of high school grades from first year to third year, plus other requirements imposed by the home college.

It is important for every applicant to do very well in the AUFCAT and aim for a high GWA. The higher the GWA, the greater your chance of being admitted into the college of your choice.

Applicants who do not make it to the quota set by the college fall on the wait-list. They may be admitted if there are slots vacated by more qualified applicants.

Any high school graduate or high school senior expected to graduate at the end of the school year may be admitted as a college freshmen based on the following:

  1. Performance in the AUFCAT
  2. Weighted average of high school grades from first year to third year

Foreign students who wish to apply are required to take the AUFCAT, provided they meet other specific requirements imposed by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Philippine laws. For more details, please contact the Office of the University Registrar.

Documents required:

  • High school grades from First Year to Third Year.
  • Two (2) Letters of Recommendation from the Guidance Counselor and Class Adviser.
  • Two identical copies of 1″ x 1″ pictures.
  • Testing and application fee

Admission Requirements for Foreign Students:

  • Notice of Acceptance issued by AUF
  • Satisfactory performance in the AUF College Admission Test
  • Satisfactory performance in the AUF English Proficiency Test for foreign students, where necessary favorable psychological test results
  • Favorable physical and medical examination results
  • Good scholastic standing
  • Favorable interview result with the College Admissions Committee
  • Valid Visa for study and ACR/CRTS/ICR

Any student applicant who has previously enrolled in another school prior to AUF is considered to be a transferee and his application will be subject to the rules and policies on admissions for transferees.

In addition to the documents submitted to the DFA, the foreign student-applicant submits the following requirements the Consular Office of the Philippine Foreign Service Establishment upon notice of interview.

  • Original copy of the Notice of Acceptance 9NOA issued by the University.
  • Police Clearance Certificate issued by the National Police Authority in the country of origin or residence duly authenticated by the Philippine Foreign Service Post having consular jurisdiction over the place.
  • Medical Health Certificate issued by an authorized medical practitioner including standard size chest X-ray.

How to Apply:

  1. Visit the Office of Admissions to obtain information and other details.
  2. Pay the testing and application fee at the AUF Accounting Office. The AUFCAT fee is non-refundable.
  3. Present the official receipt to the Office of Admissions and get your AUFCAT Kit.
  4. Accomplish properly application forms and complete other requirements, then submit them to the Office of Admissions and get your AUFCAT Test Permit.
  5. Take AUFCAT on scheduled date.
  6. Report for interview on given date, time and place.
  7. Wait for results which are mailed not later than March of each year.

Contact your College for specific additional requirements:

Details at:

Office of the Registrar:



  • Letter of Application
  • Official Transcript of Records (original and photocopy)
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Accomplished Information Sheet (two copies)
  • Marriage Contract (photocopy)
  • Application Fee
  • Certification of English Language Proficiency/TOEF

Details at:

Important Dates

Filing of applications starts in September of each year. Application forms are available at the Office of Admissions.

The academic year consists of two (2) semesters and one (1) summer. One semester consists of eighteen (18) weeks or 54 hours per three (3) unit subject. The first semester begins in June and ends in October. After three weeks of semester break, the second semester starts in November and ends in March. Summer classes are held for six weeks during the months of April and May.

Degrees Offered


BA Mass Communication
BS Accountancy
BS Biology
BS Civil Engineering
BS Computer Engineering
BS Computer Science
BS Criminology
BS Electronics & Communications Engineering
BS Engineering Management
Bachelor of Elementary Education
* General Education
* Special Education
* Pre-School Education
Bachelor of Laws
Bachelor of Secondary Education
* English
* Filipino
* Biological Science
* Physical Sciences
* Mathematics
* Physical Education, Health & Music
* Social Studies
* Values Education
BS Hotel & Restaurant Management
BS Information Technology
BSBA Finance & Management Accounting
BSBA Management & Entrepreneurship
BSBA Marketing
BS Sports Management
BS Medical Technology
BS Nursing
BS Pharmacy
BS Physical Therapy
BS Psychology
BS Tourism


MA Education: Christian Formation
MA Education: Educational Management
MA Education: English
MA Education: Guidance and Counseling
MA Education: General Science
MA Education: Biology
MA Nursing
MA Teaching: General
MA Teaching: Physical Education
MA Special Education
M Nursing
M Public Health
MENG Civil Engineering
MENG Computer Engineering
MS Information Technology
MS Mathematics
Doctor of Medicine


PhD Education: Educational Management
PhD Education: Science Education
PhD Education: Language and Reading Education
PhD Education: Mathematics Education
PhD Public Administration
Doctor in Business Administration