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Manila, Philippines


Thirteen Spanish Benedictine monks, headed by Abbot Jose Deas y Villar from the Abbey of Montserrat in Spain, arrived in the Philippines on September 12, 1895. They established an educational institution which offered elementary and high school classes with boarding school for boys. In 1910, a new law required private schools to apply for government recognition. The College submitted its application and was granted recognition on May 12, 1910. San Beda College was granted the authority to confer the degree of Bachelor of Arts and diplomas for elementary and high school education. In 1912, the Benedictine monks decided to shift from Spanish curriculum to English. Hence, the English language was used as the medium of instruction and in 1918 the school began to carry the name San Beda College. By 1927, the courses included grade school and high school, the two year courses of pre-medicine and pre-law and the first two years of commerce. Today, San Beda College has four colleges (Arts and Science, Nursing, Medicine, Law) and three Graduate Schools (Business, Law, Liturgy).

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Financial Assistance Available

At the College of Arts and Sciences scholarship grants are offered to academically qualified but financially-challenged students. High School valedictorians and salutatorians automatically enjoy a 100% and 50% tuition fee discount respectively.

The College of Medicine offers scholarships to deserving and financially challenged students entering the Med School.

Scholarships at the College of Law:

Contact the other colleges and graduate schools to inquiry about available scholarships.


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The College of Arts & Sciences charges (Philippine Pesos) Php 900 per unit or about Php 39,435 per semester, inclusive tuition, miscellaneous and other fees.

Contact other colleges and graduate schools directly.

General Application Procedure

Admission requirements and procedures for the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS):

Foreign (As indicated in the birth certificate):

  • Application Fee is Php1,000.00
  • An Initial interview will be conducted. Please bring requirements listed for Transferees.
  • Two (2) ID pictures (1 ½) x 1 ½)
  • Certified True Copy of Grades marked “For Evaluation Purposes Only”
  • Two (2) photocopies of Birth Certificate (clear copy)
  • Certification of Good Moral Character issued by the school (from College Dean, Guidance Counselor or Dean of Student Affairs)
  • Application and Testing Fee of Php 550.00
  • One (1) long brown envelope

In selecting applicants for admissions, the following credentials are considered:

  • Grades received in previous academic work
  • Scores achieved in San Beda College Scholastic Aptitude Test (SBC-SAT);
  • Recommendations from officials of school last attended; and
  • Performance during interviews/essay test and other credentials as required


  • Bring the requirements to the Admissions Unit and register for the Entrance Examination.
  • Take the Entrance Exam as scheduled. Submit all requirements (application form HS card/transcript of records, birth certificate, etc.) on the day of your test. Testing is usually held on Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 12:00 Noon.
  • Get the test results. If you passed the test, you will be required to pay the reservation fee of Php2,000 and you will be scheduled for an orientation/issuance of Enrolment Permit, or for an interview as deemed necessary by the Admissions Committee upon review of other credentials.
  • If accepted, you will be required to pay the reservation fee of PhP 2,000 and you will be scheduled for orientation and issuance of Enrolment Permit.

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Other colleges and graduate schools:

College of Nursing:

College of Medicine:

College of Law:

Graduate School of Business:

Graduate School of Law:

Graduate School of Liturgy:

Important Dates

Colleges use a semester system:

First semester: beginning of June – beginning of October

Second semester: end of October – beginning of March

Summer session: end of March – mid May

Degrees Offered


BA Philosophy and Human Resource Development
BS Accountancy
BS Biology
BS Economics and Public Policy
BS International Business and Entrepreneurial Management
BS Financial Management and Systems Development
BS Information and Communication Technology
BS Legal Management
BS Marketing and Corporate Communications
BS Psychology
BS Nursing


M Entrepreneurial Management
MBA Organization Development
Master of Laws – Judicial Program
Master of Laws – Executive Program
Master of Laws – Ladderized Program
MS Criminal Justice Administration
MA Liturgy
MA Liturgical Studies
M Philosophy


Doctor of Business Administration