University of Santo Tomas

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Manila, Philippines


The University of Santo Tomas was founded on April 28, 1611 by the third Archbishop of Manila, Msgr. Miguel de Benavides, together with Frs. Domingo de Nieva and Bernardo de Santa Catalina. It was originally conceived as a school to prepare young men for the priesthood. Located within the Walled City, it was first called Colegio de Nuestra Señora del Santisimo Rosario and later renamed Colegio de Santo Tomas in memory of the foremost Dominican Theologian, Saint Thomas Aquinas. On November 20, 1645 Pope Innocent X elevated the College to the rank of a university. Nowadays the university offers a wide range of majors at all levels.

Known For

The largest Catholic university in the world located in one campus.

Myanmar Students at This University

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Financial Assistance Available

Contact the Office of Student Affairs or the Graduate School for information.


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Every Bachelor degree has different fees. Check under your faculty and download the table of fees at:


For details:

General Application Procedure


  • Download UST Application and Grades Form
  • Submit the forms with the attachments (2 recent 2×2 identical pictures with name and signature on the back, clear photocopy of birth certificate, application fee of 500 Ph. Pesos). Students do not need to come personally to apply for the University of Santo Tomas Entrance Test (USTET), representatives may submit in their behalf
  • Take the USTET on the scheduled date. The entrance examination schedule will depend on the earliest test date available upon submission of the application. Certain colleges or faculties may require additional special ability tests (Music, Architecture, Fine Arts, Design)
  • Applicants are admitted on the basis of: performance in the USTET, high school grades in Mathematics, English and Science and other specific requisites set by every program

Foreigners must secure clearance from the UST’s Registrar Office before submitting their application, they should bring their original academic record and passport.

Details at:


Submit to the Graduate School Dean’s Office the following documents:

  • TOEFL English Proficiency
  • A xeroxed copy (but duly certified true) of latest Transcript of Records
  • one (1) colored passport size, recent photo.
  • (of any) document(s) attesting to passing Bar/Board Exam, or being scholar of any agency.

Secure upon submission of the aforementioned documents the following forms:

  • Application Form
  • Two (2) Referral Forms: One (1) for current (immediate) superior (or Dean, in the case of a school); and the other, for professor in one specialization (major) subject.
  • Accomplish the Personal Data Sheet

Submit to the Graduate School Dean’s Office the duly accomplished

  • Application form
  • Referral Forms (2 sets)
  • Personal Data Sheet.

Inquire from the UST-Registrar’s quote s Office (Main Building) whether application for admission is accepted or not. If accepted, you will be advised to pay first the Out-the-State Fee at the UST Treasurers Office (Main Building) before formally enrolling at the UST-Graduate School Office. Master – $2,500.00 Doctorate – $3,000.00

Present the Out-the-State Fee Official Receipt to the Graduate School Office upon enrollment.

Convert your visa to a foreign student visa following the procedure of the Bureau of Immigration

Other information:

  • Application for admission to the UST Graduate School should be filed at the Graduate School Office of the University of Santo Tomas one month before enrollment begins.
  • Application for Admission Forms are available at the Graduate School Office
  • Application forms are downloadable via this website.
  • For Business courses, a minimum of 2 years work experience required.
  • Applicants may either be required to take the entrance exam or be interviewed.
  • Ph.D. applicants are required to submit their defended thesis.

In general, an applicant with a cumulative grade of not less than 2.0 in the bachelors program may be admitted to an MA/MS program or an applicant with a cumulative grade of not lower than 1.5 in the master program may be admitted to a Ph.D. Program.

A student applying for the masters program but does not have the required average may be admitted, at the discretion of the Dean, and may be placed on probation.

Details at:

Important Dates


Applications from July to December. Tests in September, October, November, December. Results of the tests are communicated in January.


Application for admission to the UST Graduate School should be filed at the Graduate School Office of the University of Santo Tomas one month before enrollment begins.

Degrees Offered


BS Architecture
BFA Advertising Arts
BFA Industrial Design
BFA Interior Design
BFA Painting
BS Math in Computer Science
BS Information Management
BS Information Technology
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
BA Asian Studies
BA Behavioral Science
BA Communication Arts
BA Economics
BA Journalism
BA Legal Management
BA Literature
BA Philosophy
BA Political Science
BA Sociology
BS Math in Actuarial Science
BS Applied Physics Major in Instrumentation
BS Biology
BS Chemistry
BS Microbiology
BS Psychology
BSC Business Administration
BSC Economics
BSC Entrepreneurship
BS Biochemistry
BS Medical Technology
BS Pharmacy
Bachelor of Secondary Education
Bachelor of Elementary Education major in Pre/School/or Special Education
BS Food Technology
BS Hotel and Restaurant Management
BS Nutrition and Dietetics
BS Tourism
Bachelor of Library and Information Science
BS Nursing
BM Brasswind, Woodwind and Percussion
BM Composition and Conducting
BM Keyboard
BM Music Education
BM Piano
BM Strings and Guitar
BM Violin
BM Voice
Bachelor of Music
BS Occupational Therapy
BS Physical Therapy
Bachelor in Sports Science
Bachelor of Laws (under the Faculty of Civil Law)


MA Canon Law
MA Communication
MA Creative Writing
MA English
Master of Fine Arts
MA Higher Religious Studies
MA History
MA Literature
MA Music
MA Oriental Religions and Cultures
MA Philosophy
MA Theology
MA Development Studies
MA Economics
MA Guidance and Counseling
MA Library Science
MA Political Science
MA Psychology (Clinical and Industrial)
Master of Laws
MS Biological Science
MS Chemistry
MS Applied Physics
MS Microbiology
MS Architecture
MA Nursing
MS Medical Technology
MS Pharmacy Diploma Program
MS Physical Therapy
MA Education
MS Biology Education
MS Chemistry Education
MS Mathematics Education
MS Advertising
MS Commerce (Accounting, Banking & Finance, Marketing)
MS Human Resource Management
MS Management Engineering
MA Education: Educational Management
MA Hospital Administration
MA Public Administration
MBA Entrepreneurship
M Bioethics
M Cultural Heritage Studies
M English
M History
M Literature
M Theology
M Engineering
M Biology Education
M Chemistry Education
Master in Education
MED Curriculum & Instruction
M Health Prof. Education
M Mathematics Education
M Human Resource Management
M Public Administration
M Medical Physics
M Economics
M Psychology
M Biology
M Chemistry
Doctor of Medicine (under the faculty of Medicine and Surgery)
M Clinical Audiology


PhD English
PhD History
PhD Literature
PhD Philosophy
PhD Theology
PhD Development Studies
PhD Economics
PhD Education
PhD Education (major in Education Management)
PhD Guidance and Counseling
PhD Political Science
PhD Psychology (special area: clinical psychology)
Doctor of Civil Law
PhD Commerce
PhD Human Resource Management
PhD Public Administration
PhD Biological Science
PhD Chemistry
PhD Pharmacy