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2020 Shandong Provincial Government Scholarship at Shangdong Normal University

SDNU has participated in “Quality Project” of the Ministry of Education. Four people are awarded with the National Distinguished Teacher. The university has been honored with 14 National Teaching Achievements Awards, built two national teaching groups, carried out one project of national comprehensive reform pilot, nine national specialty construction sites, four national excellent courses, four national sharing courses, one national demonstration course of bilingual teaching, one national trial plot of talent training, one off-campus practical education center for college students, and 730 projects of National Innovation and Entrepreneurship of college students and compiled six textbooks for the 12th 5-year plan. It is the first university to carry out a “national training plan”, which has received the honorable title of Advanced Unit of Enrollment and College Graduates Employment. The university has won a gold award and been honored as Advanced Group in “Internet Plus” – an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest for College Students – for two consecutive years. An undergraduate team won the award of “Technology and Innovation Team in Memory of Deng Xiaoping” and obtained the First Prize and Outstanding Organization Award of National Smart City Technology and Creative Design Competition. In 2007, SDNU was evaluated to be excellent in the national evaluation of undergraduate teaching conducted by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.

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