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National Chiayi University Admission for Fall 2021

National Chiayi University was formed in February 2000 by merging two existing colleges in Chiayi, i.e., National Chiayi Institute of Technology (NCIT) and National Chiayi Teachers College(NCTC). The University now has seven colleges (Teachers College, College of Humanities and Arts, College of Management, College of Agriculture, College of Science and Engineering, College of Life Sciences and College of Veterinary Medicine), which include 39 undergraduate programs (40 departments), 12 in-service undergraduate programs(1 program, 39 master programs(42 classes), 14 in-service master programs, and 7 doctoral programs(1 program) in the 107 semester year. NCYU is one of the oldest and largest universities in the southern part of Taiwan.

National Chiayi Institute of Technology was first founded in April, 1919 as ″Chiayi Agriculture and Forestry Public School″. It was reorganized and named as “Taiwan Provincial Chiayi Agri-Vocational School” in November, 1945. In March, 1965, the School was upgraded and became “Taiwan Provincial Chiayi Junior College of Agriculture.” In July, 1981, and the college became a national college directly funded by the Ministry of Education. In July, 1997, the college was upgraded again to a college and became “National Chiayi Institute of Technology.” In its 90 year history, the College has trained professionals in different fields.

By merging the two colleges, National Chiayi University is one of the few comprehensive universities in the southwestern part of Taiwan, covering a wide range of domains, including Life Science, Agriculture, Management, Science and Engineering, Humanities and Arts, and Education.

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Chang Gung University (CGU) Admission for Fall 2021 Myanmar Study Abroad Website

The University currently consists of the College of Medicine, College of Engineering, and College of Management; under which are the undergraduate programs that include Departments of Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nursing (including a four-year university program and a two-year on-job study program), Medical Biotechnology and Laboratory Science, Medical Imaging and Radiological Science, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Respiratory Care (two-year on-job study program), Life Science, Electrical Engineering (Communication group and System group), Mechanical Engineering, Chemical and Materials Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Computer Science and Information Engineering, Health Care Management, Business Administration, Industrial Design, and Information Management. The graduate institutes include Nursing Sciences (Master’s program and Master’s on-job study program), Basic Medical Sciences (Master’s and Doctoral programs), Clinical Medical Sciences (Master’s and Doctoral programs), Natural Products (Master’s program), Traditional Chinese Medicine (Master’s program), Medical Biotechnology (Master’s program), Rehabilitation Science (Master’s program), Clinical Behavioral Science (Master’s program), Dental and Craniofacial Science (Master’s program), Electrical Engineering (Master’s and Doctoral programs), Mechanical Engineering (Master’s and Doctoral programs), Chemical and Materials Engineering (Master’s and Doctoral programs and Master’s on-job study program), Electronic Engineering (Master’s and Doctoral programs and Master’s on-job study program), Computer Science and Information Engineering (Master’s program), Electro-Optical Engineering (Master’s program), Biochemical and Biomedical Engineering (Master’s program), Medical Mechatronics Science (Master’s program), Health Care Management (Master’s program), Information Management (Master’s program and Master’s on-job study program), Business Administration (Master’s and Doctoral programs and Master’s on-job study program), and Industrial Design (Master’s program). The University currently has approximately 490 full-time and 340 part-time faculty members, and has more than 6,100 students enrolled.

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Chinese Government Scholarships-Chinese University Program at Xiamen University 2021

Xiamen University (XMU) , established in 1921 by renowned patriotic overseas Chinese leader Mr. Tan Kah Kee, is the first university founded by an overseas Chinese in the history of modern Chinese education. XMU has long been listed among China’s leading universities on the national 211 Project, 985 Project and Double First-class initiative, which have been launched by the Chinese government to support selected universities in achieving world-class standing. Xiamen University Malaysia Campus is the first overseas branch campus established by a prestigious Chinese university.

With a graduate school, 6 academic divisions consisting of 29 schools and colleges, and 15 research institutes, XMU boasts a total enrollment of nearly 40,000 full-time students (including 1,300 international students), i.e. 20,000 undergraduates, 16,500 graduate students toward a master’s degree, 4,300 doctoral candidates.

XMU currently has a faculty of over 2,700 full-time teachers and researchers, of whom 22 are the members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences or of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (including 9 who are employed simultaneously by other institutions).

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Fu Jen Catholic University (FJCU) Fall 2021 Admission

Fu Jen Catholic University is a comprehensive university founded by the Holy See. Originally established in Beijing in 1925, Fu Jen was re-established in Taiwan in 1961. With a history spanning 95 years, the university currently has 12 colleges/schools, 50 undergraduate programs, 49 master’s programs, and 12 PhD programs. Please refer to the Academic Units for more information.

FJCU has a student population of 27,000, hosts 160 student-run organizations/clubs, and, as part of active efforts to promote international exchange, has signed partnership agreements with 420 institutions. Now over half a century old, our Center of Chinese Language and Learning offers students the chance to learn Chinese in small classes as well as many chances to take part in cultural activities. Campus is located in the Greater Taipei area, and the metro right at our doorstep means it takes only 20 minutes to travel right into the heart of Taipei.

The academic year of Fu Jen consists of two semesters. The first semester (fall term) begins in September and runs till January; the second semester (spring term) begins in February and ends in June.

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ASEF is an intergovernmental not-for-profit organisation which brings together the peoples of Asia and Europe to address common global challenges by:

advancing mutual understanding and collaboration between the people of Asia and Europe through opportunities that enable an exchange of ideas;
acting as the civil society outreach of the Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM), and works as a platform for Asia-Europe dialogue to stimulate permanent networks that reinforce Asia-Europe bi-regional relations;
acting as an interface between civil society and ASEM governments and consequently, contributes to the ASEM process by generating unique recommendations for officials’ consideration

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Chulalongkorn University’s Graduate Scholarship Programme for ASEAN or Non-ASEAN countries

Chulalongkorn University is determined to produce graduates who are global citizens that are responsive to the current and future needs of society. The university also provides opportunities for learners everywhere in the country, ASEAN, and the world to join in this place of knowledge. As needed, assistance can be provided until graduation and students are encouraged to produce sustainable real-world impact innovations that will benefit society. New leading innovations will be incubated to foster knowledge, understanding, and direct experience in creating real innovations. The creations will be an inspiration of creativity for the next generation of innovators and be a means to use the university’s capabilities to service society, providing swift solutions to social problems while staying competitive and relevant as an international university of the nation.
Chulalongkorn University has taken a leading role in implementing interactive collaboration with the international community. In order to further develop academic cooperation between Thailand and foreign countries, the University has established the Graduate Scholarship Programme for ASEAN or Non-ASEAN countries to provide financial assistance to international students who wish to pursue their graduate studies at Chulalongkorn University.

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