Distance Education

Distance and online education programs can be good options for people who have to work or stay at home. However, some of these programs are businesses that are more interested in obtaining your money than giving you a quality education. Research the organization and its program thoroughly before making a decision. Note that some distance programs require you to travel to the distant school or university, so you need to consider if you can afford to do this and if you are likely to get a visa to do this before enrolling in the program.

For people in Myanmar, distance education may be a good idea if you cannot or do not want to leave the country. Also, there are additional options for distance and online education in Thailand. Check with international centers commonly connected to foreign embassies, such as the American Center, British Council, and the Australia Center all of which can be found in Yangon.

Questions to Consider for Online and Distance Education Providers:

  • Do I need to meet professors in another country?
  • Can I get the necessary visas to get to visit the professors?
  • Do I need Internet access or is it done by post?
  • Is there any support locally, such as a center with teachers who can answer questions?
  • How long will it take to complete the course?
  • What kind of reputation do they have?
  • Have appropriate authorities accredited the provider?
  • Will the award, certificate, or degree be recognised by other schools or employers?
  • Are admissions policies too easy?
  • How big is the class?
  • What is the course content?
  • How is the material presented & delivered?
  • How much interaction is there between students and teachers? What kind of support services are provided to online and distance learners?
  • How quickly does the provider respond to specific questions from learners?

Distance/Online Education vs. Traditional School-Based Education:

  • Distance education is usually cheaper than studying abroad, especially for Western countries
  • Traditional education will require visas which are often impossible for Myanmar citizens
  • Distance education is more difficult to study because you have to be responsible for yourself – Nobody is there to make you do your work
  • Distance education usually requires the use of Internet and computers

Distance Education Opportunities:

The following is a brief list of some available distance and online education options. Read through the descriptions to see if any are interesting to you, and then contact the organization for any additional information or for updates. All programs are in English unless otherwise stated.

Indiana University Distance Education »

Open University UK (distance education university) »

Open University Australia (distance education university) »

Petersons Online University Search

If you would like to search for an online course with Petersons Online University Search, consider the following:

  • Remember that you need to consider if you must go to the actual university in person and whether or not you are likely to get a visa.
  • To begin, enter a major or field of study in the ‘Distance Learning and Online Degree Search’ box.
  • If you receive too many results, consider narrowing your search by clicking the ‘Advanced Search’ link, which will allow you to specify:
    • ‘Step 1: Select Subject Area(s)’: This is your preferred subject area or field of study. You can select multiple subjects by holding the ‘control’ or ‘ctrl’ key on your keyboard and then clicking the subjects you are interested in.
    • ‘Step 2: Select Major(s) that Interest You’: This is the specific major you are interested in within that field of study. Once again, you can select multiple majors.
    • ‘Step 3: Select Location’: This box lets you choose specific locations within the United States or Canada. Unless you have a reason for choosing a specific state, you should probably select the ‘All Locations’ box and move to Step 4.
    • ‘Step 4: Select Degree Level:’ This box lets you choose the degree you want to earn, such as an Associate, Bachelor, etc.
    • After you have made your selections, click on the green ‘Search’ button to view a list of the results, read university profiles, and visit websites of universities that interest you.