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HBS Scholarship 2013 – Call for Application-PDF

PLEASE NOTE: For official information, specific details, and updated deadlines and instructions, please check the organisation’s website and current application forms. If you have problems or questions, please contact us.

Application deadlines:

  • Master of Economics at Thammasat University – 21 Dec 2012 (extended deadline: 28 Dec 2012)
  • Master of Sustainable Development (RCSD) at Chiang Mai University – 31 Mar 2013
  • Master of International Development Studies at Chulalongkorn University – 31 Mar 2013


The Heinrich Boll Stiftung (HBS) Southeast Asia Regional Office in Thailand invites candidates living and working in Myanmar to apply for its scholarship program for Master of Arts programs at selected partner universities in Thailand.

Up to six full scholarships are available for the academic year 2013 for the following international Master of Arts programs:

Master of Arts in Economics at Thammasat University
The objective of the program is to produce economics graduates equipped with economic theory and methodology sufficient to conduct research and study in economic fields at the high quality level. The objective is also to produce economics graduates who are capable of undertaking high-level duty such as lecturers, with ability to encourage analytical thinking in students at the secondary and tertiary levels, and specialists with expertise in economic analysis and planning in public and private organisations or in their own business undertakings. This program is offered on a full-time basis for two years.

Master of Arts in Sustainable Development (RCSD) at Chiang Mai University
This program at the Regional Center for Social Science and Sustainable Development (RCSD) at Chiang Mai University is a graduate program for Thai and international students, particularly from neighbouring countries. The program emphasises an interdisciplinary approach to the interplay between ethnic and gender relations in resource management and sustainable development in different socio-economic, political and economic context. This program is a full-time, two-year curriculum.

Master of Arts in International Development Studies (MAIDS) at Chulalongkorn University
This program is designed for postgraduate students, NGO workers, and international organisations employees who are interested in the field of international development. The program is multidisciplinary and integrates academic, technical, managerial, and professional training. This program is a full-time, one-year curriculum. It requires a good command of English and the knowledge of basic social science concepts.


The scholarship program is designed to provide sufficient financial support to students who are enrolled in one of the Master of Arts academic programs as mentioned above. The objective of the program is to assist students in developing their academic and personal skills, as well as their perspective on regional politics and concepts of development and sustainability.

The scholarship covers the following expenditures:

  • Tuition & Registration fees
  • Traveling costs – Round trip from Myanmar to Thailand
  • Traveling costs for field trip for data collection (if necessary)
  • Fixed Monthly allowance – For food, accommodation, etc
  • Book and thesis allowance
  • Health insurance

Eligibility and Restrictions:

  • All applicants with a Bachelor’s degree in all disciplines are eligible to apply for the scholarship (applicants for the economics program should hold a BA degree in economics or similar and demonstrate a strong background in mathematics and statistics).
  • Applicants must live and work in Myanmar and willing and likely to return to Myanmar after their graduation.
  • Candidates must prove a very good spoken and written command of English, according to the required TOEFL and IELTS score of the respective university.
  • Scholarship recipients are required to maintain student status throughout the period of the program. They should devote themselves full-time and with ambition to the study and abide by all terms and conditions outlined in a memorandum of understanding signed by an HBS representative and the scholarship recipient.
  • HBS gives priority to applicants with relevant working experience and social commitment who seek employment with local civil society organisations, the public sector or research institutes/think-tanks in Myanmar.
  • HBS pays particular attention to have a balanced participation of women and men in the scholarship program, and invites applicants from all ethnic groups.

Application Procedure:

  1. Go to the respective website of the program you are interested in (see URL below), study the application procedure and download the application forms.
  2. The official application form and all needed support documents must be submitted in hard copy directly to the address of the university program before the application deadline. (Please note that the final deadline might be subject to change, consult the website of the respective program accordingly.)
  3. The university will only accept complete applications! Please check your documents carefully! If you expect some documents to be available only after application deadline please tell the university (program officer) in advance!
  4. Indicate in your application form to the university that you seek a scholarship from Heinrich Böll Stiftung.
  5. For questions concerning the application process please contact the respective university (program officer) directly.
  6. Only candidates with sufficient academic qualifications and strong proven English skills will be admitted to the university. Subsequently, only the documents of applicants who have been admitted to the program will be forwarded to Heinrich Böll Stiftung to be considered for a scholarship.
  7. HBS and the respective universities will select the final candidates for the scholarship from the short list of admitted candidates together.
  8. HBS and the respective university program may contact applicants for interviews during the selection process in early 2013. The interviews will be held in Yangon. Applicants have to cover the travel costs to the interview venue themselves. Invitations for the interview will be sent out a few weeks in advance.
  9. Decisions made are final. Only selected candidates will be contacted.
  10. Applicants can re-apply for the Scholarship Program the following year. Applicants already admitted to the university but not awarded a scholarship may keep this admission for re-application for the scholarship.
  11. Selected candidates may need to attend a mandatory preparation-course before the official start of the program, if necessary.

It is NOT necessary to send the application documents to the office of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung!


Contacts to submit applications:

Master of Arts in Economics at Thammasat University

Graduate Studies Program
The Faculty of Economics, Thammasat University
2 Prachan Road, Bangkok 10200 THAILAND

Contact person: Ms. Wannah Vejbrahm
Phone: +66-2-613 2422, +66-2-613 2425
Fax: +66-2-224-9428
Website: Faculty of Economics, Thamassat University

Master of Arts in Sustainable Development at Chiang Mai University

Regional Center for Social Science and Sustainable Development (RCSD)
Faculty of Social Sciences, Chiang Mai University
Chiang Mai 50200 THAILAND

Contact persons: Ms. Muttika Thungsuphuti
Phone: +66-53-943595 ext. 15
Fax: +66-53-893279
Website: Regional Center for Social Science and Sustainable Development, Chiang Mai University

Master of Arts in International Development Studies (MAIDS) at Chulalongkorn University

Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University
Henri-Dunant Road, Bangkok 10330 THAILAND

Contact person: Ms. Sorasich Swangsilp, Mr. Thananaj Siriyakul
Email: or
Phone: +66-2-218-7313
Fax: +66-2-252-6277
Website: Faculty of Political Science, International Development Studies, Chulalongkorn University

Heinrich Boll Stiftung Southeast Asia

Contact person: Ms. Nwet Kay Khine (Yangon), Mr. Rainer Einzenberger (Bangkok)


Phone (Yangon): +95 (0) 9420101070
Phone (Bangkok): +66-2-66259-60 ext. 109
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