Hong Kong Undergraduate (HKUG) Scholarship

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Application deadline: October 24, 2013

Information Section: For more information about HKUG application process, feel free to join us on information section days below schedule.

08 Oct 2013TuesdayThabyay Education Foundation, No. 605 (A) San Yeik Nyein 6th Street, Insein Road, Kamayut, Yangon5 pm to 6 pm
15 Oct 2013TuesdayThabyay Education Foundation, No. 605 (A) San Yeik Nyein 6th Street, Insein Road, Kamayut, Yangon5 pm to 6 pm


The Hong Kong Undergraduate (HKUG) scholarship program is a partnership between Thabyay Education Foundation (TEF) and four prestigious universities in Hong Kong that have offered to provide partial scholarships and fee waivers for students from Myanmar.

The participating universities include:

If you are interested in applying for the Hong Kong Undergraduate Scholarship program, and you feel that you are well-qualified ), then you are invited to begin the process now by completing the application and submitting it with all of your supporting documents
to, no later than the deadline of October 24, 2013. The selection committee will then review your application to assess your qualifications and determine if you are a suitable candidate for admission to any of the participating universities listed above.
If your preliminary application is approved, Scholarships and Student Support Department (SSSD)
from TEF will:
– Help you prepare the online university application;
– Assist you with submitting your supporting documents to the university;
– Coordinate an in-person or telephone interview with the university (where required);
– Help you apply to other scholarship sources to obtain full funding for studying in Hong Kong
Please note, if your preliminary application is not approved, you are still welcome to apply to the universities on your own. However, SSSD will be unable to support you with the above services.

Stage 1 (November – December 2013) – A selection committee will review all applications. All applicants will be notified of the
status of their applications, whether they are short-listed for review by the universities or rejected. *Note: The University of Hong Kong will conduct face-to-face interviews for their short-listed applicants during this period. Your presence may be requested on short notice. Please check your email regularly during this stage.

Stage 2 (January – March 2014) – SSSD will assist short-listed applicants to officially apply to one or more universities as well as other sources of scholarship funding. Universities may choose to interview short-listed applicants in-person, via Skype video conference or on the telephone.

Stage 3 (April – June 2014) – Universities will announce which students have been granted admission, and scholarship organisations will announce their winners as well.

Stage 4 (July – September 2014) – SSSD will arrange travel, visas, and logistics for new students to begin classes in Hong Kong in September 2014.


Admission to universities in Hong Kong is extremely competitive, so please do not apply unless you meet the following requirements and have supporting documents to confirm it:

YOU MUST HAVE – Excellent oral and written English language proficiency, with a current test score of at least that required by your chosen degree programme (see “Programmes and Requirements”) *Note: Applicants without an English test score may contact SSSD
( before October 20, to complete an online diagnostic test. The results must be submitted before the
application deadline on October 24.

AND YOU MUST ALSO MEET AT LEAST ONE OF THESE  –  Completion of at least one year of university studies in Myanmar or abroad OR Completion of a General Education Diploma (GED)   Completion of International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) exams with a grade of C or higher

Programmes and Requirements

Here is a list of the degree programmes available for study at the participating universities in Hong Kong, and their English language requirements. Please note, the availability of additional scholarship funding varies depending on the individual universities and programs.

The University of Hong Kong (HKU)  English Language Requirement – TOEFL 550 / IELTS 6.5

Faculty of Architecture

  • Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Conservation
  • Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies
  • Bachelor of Science in Surveying

Faculty of Arts

  • Bachelor of Arts

Faculty of Business and Economics

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance
  • Bachelor of Business Administration Information Systems
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (International Business and Global Management)
  • Bachelor of Business Administration (Law)
  • Bachelor of Economics
  • Bachelor of Economics and Finance
  • Bachelor of Science (Quantitative Finance)

Faculty of Education

  • Bachelor of Education
  • Bachelor of Education in Language Education

Faculty of Law

  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB)

Faculty of Science

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Science

Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Bachelor of Journalism
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences (Government and Laws)
  • Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

City University of Hong Kong (CIty U) English Language Requirement – TOEFL 550 / IELTS 6.5

School of Law

  • Bachelor of Law – English Language Requirement – TOEFL 600 / IELTS 7

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
Bachelor of Social Science in

  • Administration and Public Management
  • Criminology
  • Applied Sociology
  • Asian and International Studies
  • Environmental Policy
  • International Studies
  • Psychology
  • Public Policy, Management, and Politics
  • Social Work (BSocSci)

Bachelor of Arts in

  • Language Studies
  • Linguistics and Language Technology
  • Social Work (BA)

The Hong Kong Institute of Education (HKIEd) English Language Requirement – TOEFL 550 / IELTS 6

Faculty of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

  • Bachelor of Social Sciences in Global and Environmental Studies
  • Bachelor of Arts in Creative Arts and Culture (Music/Visual Arts Major)
  • Bachelor of Arts in Education for Sustainability
  • Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies Education
  • Bachelor of Music in Education (Contemporary Music and Performance Pedagogy)
  • Bachelor of Science Education (Science and Web Technology)
  • Bachelor of Science Education (Sports Science)
  • Bachelor of Social Science Education (Greater China Studies)

Faculty of Education and Human Development

  • Bachelor or Arts in Human and Organizational Development
  • Bachelor of Social Science in Psychology

Faculty of Humanities

  • Bachelor of Education (English Language – Primary/Secondary)

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Poly U) English Language Requirement – TOEFL 550 / IELTS 6
Faculty of Social Science

  • Bachelor of Social Policy and Administration
  • Bachelor of Social Work