Scholarships – Introduction

PLEASE NOTE: For official information, specific details, and updated deadlines and instructions, please check the organization’s website and current application forms. If you have problems or questions, please contact us.

This section will help you:

  • to evaluate your financial situation.
  • to have a clearer idea about the costs involved in studying at university abroad.
  • to understand more about different scholarships.
  • to get a general overview about costs, since it is very difficult to give detailed financial information; detailed financial calculations depend on the university and the country you choose to study in (it is, for instance, much cheaper to study in Asia than in a Western country).
If you have not read the “Thinking About Your Finances” page yet, click here.

PLEASE NOTE: All scholarships listed in this website are for studying abroad and not for studying in Myanmar. Also, some scholarships may be listed in more than one category. Please view all categories of scholarships to see all the available opportunities. No scholarship is guaranteed, so please consider applying to as many scholarships as possible to increase your chances of getting one.

Scholarships for People from Myanmar »

This category is restricted to scholarships specifically for people from Myanmar, which means that people from other countries are either not allowed to apply to these scholarships OR there are specific opportunities for people from Myanmar. Usually you can compete for these scholarships if you are one of the following:

  • Myanmar citizen (with citizenship, can get a Myanmar passport) currently living in or out of Myanmar
  • from Myanmar originally, but are now living somewhere else (i.e. you moved and do not have Myanmar citizenship or passport)
  • a refugee from Myanmar, but you will need to be able to legally study in another country either with a passport or other legal documentation

Waivers: Some universities will give you a discount by reducing the price of tuition or other fees you are ordinarily required to pay. Restrictions for waivers usually include the university where you can use them, or maybe the major that you are allowed to study if you want the discount. Waivers are often applied together with scholarship applications; be sure to check with your university if you are eligible for a waiver as this will reduce the total cost of money you will need to apply for from a scholarship programme.

Scholarships for All Countries »

This category can be called unrestricted in the sense that it means that everyone in the world can apply and compete for the scholarships listed. You should therefore be aware that the competition is much higher, as you will have to compete against people from other countries (including Western countries). Each individual scholarship will have its own rules and regulations so you must read carefully to see if you are actually eligible.

Subject Specific Scholarships »

This category is for scholarships that are restricted by the subject/major you can choose. General scholarships available for many majors will not be listed in this section. Some foundations or organizations, in fact, prefer to fund people who want to study some specific majors. If you have a clear idea about you chosen major, search through the different interest areas to see if there are some scholarships specifically for your major. If there are no scholarships in this category for your subject/major, read through the first two sections and apply for scholarships that are unrestricted by subject/major there.