New Zealand ASEAN Scholars

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Application deadline: 18 Jun 2013


The New Zealand-ASEAN Scholar Awards are funded by the New Zealand Aid Programme, the New Zealand Government’s international development programme. They are managed by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

These awards empower individuals with the knowledge, skills and qualifications to contribute to economic, social and political development within ASEAN nations.

The New Zealand-ASEAN Scholar Awards recognise New Zealand’s close cultural, economic, and geographic ties with South-east Asia. They seek to empower individuals to contribute to the economic, social, and political development of their countries.

New Zealand has first-rate education institutions that offer world-recognised qualifications. Successful applicants will have access to excellent academic knowledge in quality facilities.

The scholarships include financial support for tuition, living costs while in New Zealand, and airfares.

The partners of students are eligible for a work visa that allows them to live and work in New Zealand for the duration of their partner’s study.

The New Zealand-ASEAN Scholars Awards are open to candidates from the public and private sector including civil society, university lecturers, development-focused organisations and charitable foundations.

Strong candidates from all areas will be considered. However, candidates will be given preference whose work experience or proposed field of study relates to the following sectors:

Agriculture: Phytosanitary, agri-business management, sericulture, vegetables production, livestock, bio-security, food sciences, post-rice harvest processing
Business: Management, leadership, economics
Disaster Risk Management: Renewable energy, climate change adaptation, natural resource management
Sustainable Tourism: Ecotourism, tourism management
Governance: Law, justice, legal and judicial reform, human rights, gender equity, development
Private Sector: Value chain development, trade facilitation, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) development, private sector management
Public Sector: Administration, policy, management

Eligibility and Restrictions:

Applicants must be a Myanmar citizen, aged not over 40 years, and have been residing in Myanmar for the last two years.

Applicants must also meet the following general eligibility criteria:

  • Be residing in Myanmar, preferably for at least two years prior to application;
  • Not have citizenship or permanent residence status of New Zealand, Australia, or another developed country;
  • Not be married or engaged to be married to a person who holds, or who is eligible to hold, citizenship or permanent residence of New Zealand, Australia or another developed country;
  • Be aged 17 or over before the scholarship start date;
  • Be applying to commence a new qualification and not be seeking funding for a qualification already in progress in New Zealand or another country;
  • Not have completed, or nearly completed, a qualification at a similar level (i.e. applicants must apply for a higher level qualification than any previously attained), unless strong developmental relevance is demonstrated;
  • Satisfy the admission requirements of the New Zealand education institution at which the qualification is to be undertaken, including English language criteria (Overall IELTS score of 5.5);
  • Have been working in Myanmar since completing their highest tertiary qualification gained to date, preferably for at least two years prior to application;
  • Be able to demonstrate a strong commitment to the relevant sector in your home country, and to your country’s development in general;
  • Be able to take up the scholarship in the academic year for which it is offered.

Application Procedure:

Click here to download the New Zealand ASEAN Scholars application form

Applicants should apply for a postgraduate programme and obtain an unconditional offer of study from one of the eligible New Zealand education institutions:

On obtaining an unconditional offer of place from a New Zealand education institution, applicants should then submit the following to the New Zealand Embassy in Bangkok (see the address below):

  • Two (2) completed copies of the New Zealand ASEAN Scholars scholarship application form along with required documents. In addition to submitting a hard copy of documentation to the New Zealand Embassy in Bangkok, applicants are requested to send an electronic copy of the application pack.
  • A copy of the unconditional offer of study from one of the nine eligible New Zealand education institutions.

For more information on the application process, please contact:

Development Programme Administrator
New Zealand Embassy
M Thai Tower, All Seasons Place
87 Wireless Road
Pathumwan Bangkok 10500 Thailand