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  • Two Categories: English Exams and Equivalence Exams

    You must register in advance for these tests.

    Usually you are required to take the tests as many as nine months before your expected entry into the university.

    You must pay for these tests.

    Most tests require you to pay a registration fee of anywhere from $30-$80. Often this must be paid by check or credit card. If you do not have a checking account or credit card, you can have someone else send in the fee for you.

    You must study for these tests!

    Even if your English is very good, it is important to do a few practice tests in order to get used to the style of the questions and the time limits for answering each section. You can either buy a test preparation book at a bookstore or online (try for Kaplan’s study guides) or you can attend a test preparation course. Find out from your American Center, USIS, British Council, or Australia Centre office where these courses are being held.

English Exams

Equivalence Exams​