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ABE (Association of Business Executives)

General Information:

The Association of Business Executives (ABE) was founded in 1973 by a group of Industrialists, educationalists, and politicians as a non-profit making business. ABE is unique among professional bodies in that it provides non-specialists general business education to practising and aspiring managers and executives. Students with strong command of English and possessing good numeric skills can also enrol in the ABE Programme. Apart from being an internationally recognized qualification in its own right, the course is extremely useful as a stepping stone for students wishing to proceed to complete further study such as Bachelor or MBA, offered by renowned universities because of numerous exemptions granted.

ABE is a market leader in the cost-effective provision of quality assured British management education leading to awards which are valued in their own right, but which are also recognised as an accepted route into the later stages of a number of other UK and overseas professional or university qualifications. ABE has an international student body of 21,000 students studying for ABE awards.

Description of the Test:

There are various exams that students can take. Follow the links to read more on their website.