Continuing Education

through Access to Global Education

Centre for Academic Advising and University Preparation (CAAUP) is committed to helping Myanmar students study at quality universities abroad. Our mission is to promote study abroad opportunities for future leaders from diverse communities. We have built strong partnership with universities in the region to facilitate access to scholarships. 

We provide academic advising support to help students make informed choices, and assist students with their preparation for university admission and application process. 

Academic Advising

We provide academic advising support to assist students with academic planning. We do this through individual or group scholarship Information Session/workshop to help students explore their academic interest, identify subject area and develop study plan appropriate for their educational goals.

Pre-academic Preparation

We offer Pre-Academic Preparation courses designed to help students upgrade their skills and level of English proficiency needed to enter the universities.

University Application

We guide students to prepare the steps for successful application and admission. We work with individual for the entire application steps of essay writing, academic and professional recommendations and application submission.

Scholarship Support

We assist students and professionals to receive the scholarships specifically available to Myanmar nationals. We accommodate to access to several scholarship opportunities through MOUs with universities and institutions both in Asia Pacific region and around the world.