2020 Chinese Government Scholarship, Guangxi University

Guangxi University was founded in 1928. The first president was Dr. Ma Junwu, a celebrated educator, scientist and democratic revolutionist in China.

Today, Guangxi University has developed into a region-featuring research university with 30 colleges. It boasts 97 undergraduate majors, master degree stations of 36 primary disciplines and 171 sub-disciplines, doctoral degree stations of 8 primary disciplines and 45 sub-disciplines as well as 7 postdoctoral research centers. The university has 2,006 full-time teachers, including over 400 professors, more than 700 associate professors, 125 Ph.D. supervisors and 1,328 master supervisors. The number of full-time undergraduate students amounts to 23,649, whereas the full-time postgraduate students reach 6,669. In addition, the number of international students from over 30 nations and vocational education students totals 800 and 20,000, respectively.

Categories of Applicants and Duration of Scholarship

CategoriesDuration of Major StudiesDuration of PreparatoryChinese Language StudiesDuration of Scholarship

Academic Years
Master Students2-312-4
Doctorate Students414-5

Qualifications of Applicants 

1. Applicants should be in good health and non-Chinese citizens.

2. Applicants should respect and observe the laws and regulations in China.

3. Education background and age limit:

– Applicants for master studies must have a bachelor’s degree and should be under the age of 35.

– Applicants for Doctorate studies must have a master’s degree and should be under the age of 40.  


Applicants should prepare and submit the following application documents in quadruplicate(4 sets of hardcopies). The application will be denied immediately if it is not made according to the instructions and requirements here.

Applicants shall apply online and submit their hard copies of the application documents in quadruplicate through postal service before April 30 2020. The postal information can be reviewed at the end of this instruction.

Please follow the steps below to apply:

1. Applicants should sign up in the website of Chinese Government Scholarship and apply online first. (linkage: www.csc.edu.cn/laihua). Applicants are strongly recommended to read through the instructions on the website before making an application.

2. Sign up, log in with your user’s name and password and fill in the application information.

3. Fill in the correct Agency Number of Guangxi University: 10593

4. Fill in the application form truly, correctly, and completely. The application will be denied upon any untrue information found.

5. Check carefully before submitting it, print 4 copies of application forms(saved as PDF form) and other supporting documents as required and send the full package of application documents to International College, Guangxi University in quadruplicate(four sets).

Deadline for Application

Applicants have to submit application documents both online and to GXU before April 30, 2020.

For more information, please visit Official Website.