2024-2025 SWU Chinese Government Scholarship High Level Postgraduate Program

The”High Level Postgraduate Program”is a sub-program of the Chinese Government Scholarship Program. The program is based on the principles of “individual application, institutional recommendation, expert assessment and selection on the basis of merit”, and selects international students with excellent academic background, professional ability and future development potential. A brief description of the program is as follows:

Application Deadline: 15 Feb, 2024

Admission Category:

Full-time Postgraduates: Master students and Ph.D. candidates.

Target students:

The prospective students for September intake, 2024.


For specific information about the majors, please refer to links below,

1.  2024年西南大学CSC高水平研究生国际学生专业列表-中文授课.xlsx

2.  2024 SWU Chinese Government Scholarship High Level Postgraduate Program Majors List-English Taught.xlsx


1. Non-Chinese citizens and be in good health both mentally and physically;

2. Be a bachelor’s degree holder under the age of 35 when applying for master’s programs;

3. Be a master’s degree holder under the age of 40 when applying for Ph.D. programs;

4. Have acquired the Chinese proficiency of HSK Level 5 when applying for Chinese-taught master’s or Ph.D. programs.

5. Have acquired the English proficiency of TOEFL 80 or IELTS 6.0 for English-taught master and TOEFL 85 or IELTS 6.5 for English-taught Ph.D. programs.

6. Cumulative GPA must be 3.0 and above out of 4.0, grade score 80 and above out of 100.

Scholarship Coverage:

1. Tuition waiver

2. Free on-campus accommodation

3. Monthly living allowance

Master students: 3,000CNY/month

Ph.D. students: 3,500CNY/month

4. Medical Insurance of International students

Application Documents:

1. Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship (filled in Chinese or English).

2. Copy of Passport Home Page. (should be valid later than September 2023),

3. Notarized highest diploma. Prospective diploma winners must submit official proof of student status by their current school.

4. Academic transcripts (from the undergraduate program onwards). Copies of academic records from first to last semester during the undergraduate, master (if any), and doctoral programs (if any) shall be provided. These transcripts shall be issued and sealed by the attending university’s academic affairs office, graduate school, or student management department.

5. Eligibility”

For language proficiency requirement, please refer to Eligibility”.

6. A study plan proposal (focus of material review). A study plan (1000 words or more) in Chinese or English should be submitted. Study plan needs to be signed by the Chinese supervisor.

7. Recommendation letters. Two letters of recommendation (written only in Chinese or English) from professors or associate professors shall be submitted. And one of them must be from SWU supervisor. These letters shall describe the applicant’s objectives of studying in China, comprehensive abilities, and evaluation of future growth, as well as the cooperation between the supervisors or the exchange between universities both in China and abroad (if any). The contacts of supervisors can be found at http://admissions.swu.edu.cn/PROGRAMS.htm.

8. A photocopy of the Foreigner Physical Examination Form completed in English (the original copy shall be kept by the applicant) within 6 months prior to the submission date of the application. (Download physical examination format at http://gjxy.swu.edu.cn/info/1162/3426.htm

9. Non-criminal record report within 6 months prior to the submission date of the application.

Application Process:

Ⅰ Application Online

1. Submit applications at “CSC Study in China” website http://www.campuschina.org and “SWU International Student Service system” website https://swu.17gz.org/.

2. When applying in “CSC Study in China” website, please select Program Category “Type B”. The Agency Number of Southwest University is 10635.

3. Input personal information and upload documents to “Supporting Documents” as requested, then click “Submit” to complete the application.

Ⅱ Exam Arrangement

After your application information is approved, Colleges (Faculties) will notify you by email about the exam and interview.

Note: Please make sure your email address is correct and check your email regularly in order not to miss the notice of exam arrangement.

Ⅲ Admission

Check the admission results in the “Chinese Government Scholarship Study Abroad Management Information System”. If you are admitted, you shall register at Southwest University within stipulated time. The original highest academic certificate and transcripts, the Foreigner’s Physical Examination Form, Non-criminal Record and the original language proficiency certificate will be verified at the time of registration.

Note: Requirements concerning your registration at SWU will be notified in due time in accordance with China’s immigration policy.

Contact Information:

Contact: Mr. Huang

Email: fstudent@swu.edu.cn

Tel: 0086-023-68366001

Address: Room 302, International College, Southwest University, No.2 Tiansheng Road, Beibei District, Chongqing, China.

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