Continuing Education

through Access to Global Education


We work with education providers: universities, organizations, foundations, schools, and individuals to help Myanmar students study at the quality universities abroad. We collaborate and build partnership with universities abroad to benefit underprivileged people and communities with access to scholarships.

Having experienced and expertise for two decades in academic advising, we design tailored support services to the needs of the learners. We assure students and professionals of making informed choices and developing the study plan appropriate for their educational goals.


We are a network of expertise in the education sector: dean of colleges, admission committee, academic advisors, consultants, teachers, trainers, researchers, organization leaders. Our experience in the field and strong network are the key factors of our work.

We are passionate educators who possess a range of specialized skills with local and global perspectives. Our partners are committed to offer equal scholarship access to students and professionals from diverse communities.

Our Values

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