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PLEASE NOTE: for official information, specific details, and updated deadlines and instructions, please check the organization’s website and current application forms; if you have problems or questions, please contact us.

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Download application form 2013 (Mae Sot students only)
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  • For Burmese not living in Myanmar; this includes refugees along the Thai-Myanmar border; Burmese currently in Myanmar are not eligible
  • There is particular interest in how you will help your community/Myanmar after you graduate; preference may be given to students who can contribute to the development of Myanmar
  • Study is for Thailand or nearby countries except Myanmar (you must study outside of Myanmar)
  • The Brackett Foundation coordinates a program of leader-intern awards for full time college students and study grant awards for students at the high school or vocational school level, or for part-time adult students in Thailand or nearby countries.
  • This is a partial scholarship. Study grant awards, usually in the range of Bt 5,000 to Bt 15,000, are limited to direct educational costs, e.g. tuition, uniforms, books, and travel expenses. Leader-Intern awards, Bt 20,000 and above, can cover the items above as well as room and board.
  • You have to apply every year.

Eligibility and Restrictions:

  • Applicants must be at least 16 years of age.
  • You must be able to attend an interview
  • In order to apply for degree programs at accredited universities, students must have a clear plan for their educational program and know the costs of that program. They must have the credentials and language skills and meet the pre-requisites for their intended program of study.

Application Procedure:

  • The application form is available by computer download from the Foundation web site at , or by request from Tom Brackett at
  • Completed application forms must be submitted to the address indicated in the application form
  • Selection is made on the basis of academic ability, demonstrated commitment of the candidate to help his or her people.
  • Applications are reviewed and a selected group of applicants will be contacted for an interview. Interviews were held in Mae Hong Son, Chiang Mai, Mae Sot, Sangklaburi, and Bangkok in 2007. You are notified if you have an interview by phone.
  • If you get a scholarship, the foundation will send an agreement letter by email. Candidates will be informed in early April of their awards.
  • You give bank account information, sign letter, and send them to USA by air mail.
  • They send first payment of scholarship.
  • You send email telling them you received money.
  • You send report on October 1.
  • They send second payment of scholarship.
  • They come to Thailand to meet you for second interview.


New Applicants:

  • Evidence you will succeed in university (or whatever level you are applying to): grades received from most recent term in school and other recent grades and/or certificates
  • Evidence of ability to speak, read and understand the language of instruction (submit evidence in the form of certificates, class grades, or notes from a teacher, DEP, TOEFL, English class level, Thai school level, other)
  • Short biography
  • Essay from the applicant addressing commitment to serve people
  • List three persons who know you and could give a spoken recommendation for you (From a teacher or elder not related who knows you well. Do not choose a family member or relative.)
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  • Proof of your Myanmar connection if you are outside Myanmar: for example community links, connections to organizations, certificates from Myanmar, etc.

Reapplying Applicants:

  • An official copy of your most recent grades
  • Essay about what you plan to do after you graduate from your current program of study.
  • A thank you letter to a donor
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