Continuing Education

through Access to Global Education

Required Documents for Application

Academic Preparation

  • Academic Information (certificate & transcript)
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
  • Language Proficiency Certificate (TOFEL/ IELTS/ DUOLINGO)
  • Copy of passport
  • Other Supporting Documents
  • Physical Examination Record

To study Bachelor Degree

  • High School Certificate/IGCSE/GCE/GED
  • Official Transcript of HS/GCSE/GCE/GED
  • First Year (Certification/Transcript)
  • Personal Statement/ Statement of purpose

To study Master Degree

  • Bachelor’s degree certificate
  • Bachelor’s degree transcript ( 1st year _ Final years)
  • A study Plan or Research proposal

To study PhD Degree

  • Master’s Degree Certificate
  • Master’s Degree transcript
  • A study plan or research proposal