Subjects – Introduction

What is an Interest Area?

An Interest Area is a group of related subjects or majors. All possible subjects and majors have been listed under one of the Interest Areas. You should look under the Interest Areas to find your major and information about studying in this area. If your major is not listed under the Interest area you should look under another Interest Area to see if it is listed there instead. It is not possible to list all majors, but the most common majors have been listed.

You can use your Interest Area to get a good idea about the general information about that family of majors, possible classes you may study in a major in that Interest Area, example careers, the relevance of that area to Myanmar, what students who have studied that area have said, as well as listings and descriptions of undergraduate and graduate majors.

Choosing an interest area:

It is very important to have all the available information before you make a decision. You should not decide to study a major because someone told you to study it; instead, you should become aware of all the opportunities and then choose one that interests you. The interest areas listed below are the basic families of subjects and majors available at university. Please read through the introduction paragraphs on each page to see if you are interested in that area. Choose a couple Interest Areas and read these more closely.

You may want to consider the following when you choose a subject or major:

  • the amount of interest you have in that subject: don’t study it if you don’t like it
  • the aptitude you have for those subjects you will study: are you good at those subjects?
  • the possibilities you have after you graduate: what can you do with a degree in that subject?
  • the relevance to Myanmar: is your major important for Myanmar, can you use your degree there?
  • the university options: are there many high quality universities that will accept you?
  • the scholarship options: are there many options to get a scholarship to study that major?
Interest Areas in the Myanmar Study Abroad website: