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Future Studies

Cultivating Future Leaders Focusing on Artificial Intelligence · Data Science · Cognitive Science

Innovative Programs to Enable Flexible Learning in Diverse Environments Which Transcend Learning Boundaries to Develop Future Industry Leader!


The Future Studies Program transcends the traditional boundaries of location, fixed curriculum, andconfinement to a strict academic experience. Students study in multinational campuses, gaining global, multicultural experience and learning how to apply the knowledge gained to real-world problems. Using an on/off-line hybrid learning platform, students learn as an international team of fellow students to apply technologyand develop viable solutions.

With the utilization of online learning technology, students can learn not only from Woosong professors but alsofrom professors of other universities and industry experts in the world. Our program will provide Minerva-typevirtual classes.

Our program offers three areas of specialization, including Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and CognitiveScience. Artificial Intelligence will soon change the way everything functions in our economy and society as the invention of electricity did, drastically changing the ways we work and live. AI is becoming the language of thefuture. People who can understand and use AI technology will become the leaders most sought after in bothbusiness and science fields.

Our data science major develops competent leaders who can utilize their knowledge in practical industries.Companies are witnessing a massive exponential increase of data in most existing industries and require scientists who can discover the unmet needs of consumers and find ways to improve products and services,and forecast the direction of business environment changes.

The cognitive science major aims to provide essential, in-depth knowledge for understanding the human mind and behavior to today’s industries. Understanding the mechanisms through which the human mind works is vital in the creation of the high-tech products people use every day.

Major & Career Prospects

Artificial Intelligence

AI Software Analyst and Developer, Mobile App Developer, Game Programmer, Robotics Programmer, Machine Learning Engineer,Research Scientist, Business Intelligence Developer.

Data Science

Data Architect, Data Engineer, Business Intelligence Developer and Manager, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Data Scientist.

Cognitive Science

Market Researcher, Product Designer, User Experience Designer, Marketing Communications Coordinator, Software Developer andEngineer, Social Media