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Global Convergence Management

Cultivating Global Leaders in International Business for Industry 4.0

Understanding international business in the era of Industry 4.0 requires new knowledge of emerging practices & theory. Our program prepares competent, knowledgeable leaders to excel in meeting tomorrow’s challenges.


The Global Convergence Business program provides a broad education in the global business world to ensure competency in learning programming languages, a foreign language, international management, and subjects such as international relations, ASEAN business practices, and interactions with local, mid-sized businesses. With Industry 4.0 becoming ever-present in our world, our students learn about technology, innovation, and international affairs, and explore the critical social, political, and economic issues facing the world today. Students learn a variety of hard and soft skills to apply their newly acquired knowledge in all areas of global business convergence.

The education students receive is broad and does not focus on specializations. Students learn to lead, manage, and execute, as well as develop, implement, and communicate cutting edge ideas and creative solutions. The convergence skills they develop prepare them to work on many levels of international concern.

Our program focuses on providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in an international environment. Our overseas internship program offers an opportunity for students to experience first-hand the importance of what they have learned. Students are taught entirely in English by international faculty members who have enjoyed successful careers in their respective fields. The primary goal of our program is to give students the best possible preparation to work anywhere around the world.

Learning Outcomes

  • International hospitality standards
  • Culture and ethics of various countries
  • Practices of hospitality in different industries
  • Regulations and policies related to hospitality management and traveling
  • Hotel administration and operation skills
  • Understanding of various hotel operations & networks around the world
  • Industrial / practical experience and internship

Program Highlights

  • International faculty that teaches practical Hospitality & Tourism related courses
  • Graduation within 3.5 – 4 years
  • Paid Global Internships with 5-Star hotels for 6-month periods
  • Graduates enjoy Global employment opportunities
  • Development of service-oriented talents for employment within the Asian and worldwide hospitality markets
  • Regular expert guest speakers to provide hospitality insight from their experience & knowledge
  • Learn cutting edge knowledge, practices and key skills to develop industry professionalism

Specialization & Specialized Courses


Management of Services: Concepts, Design, and Delivery, Human Resource Management in Hospitality, Conferences and Events Management, Strategic Marketing in Hospitality Business, Food and Beverage Management, E-distribution and communication, CRM, MICE – Sales & Management, Real estate Management and the hospitality industry, Revenue and Yield Management, Destination Management, Hospitality Business Planning and Development, Strategic Hospitality Management


Industry Placements, Hospitality PMS, Culinary Techniques, Food Operation, Beverage and Bars Operations


Safety and Security Management, Tourism Policy, Tourism Geography and Economics, Regulations in Tourism and Hospitality Businesses, Sustainable approaches to Hospitality, Dynamics of tourism


Rooms Division Management, Cruise Industry, Global Hospitality Business Management, Hospitality organization, Hospitality Terminology, Accounting and Finance in the Hospitality Industry, E-hospitality and Tourism, Room Division Service Standards, Food and Beverage Service Standards, Hotel Strategy and the Travel intermediaries, International Luxury Brand Management