2021 Scholarships at Qatar University

Since its inception in 1977, Qatar University (QU) continues to serve as Qatar’s primary institution of higher education and has become today a beacon of academic and research excellence in the region.

QU is committed to providing high-quality education in areas of national priority. Underpinning this commitment is the goal to align its colleges, programs, and courses with established international standards and best practices. As a result, QU has been successful in its accreditation initiatives, earning the endorsement of numerous leading international accrediting bodies.

QU hosts ten colleges — College of Arts and Sciences (CAS), College of Business and Economics (CBE), College of Education (CED), College of Engineering (CENG), College of Health Sciences (CHS), College of Law (LAWC), College of Medicine (CMED), College of Pharmacy (CPH), College of Sharia and Islamic Studies (CSIS) and College of Dental Medicine (CDM).

QU offers the widest range of academic programs — 47 Bachelors, 29 Masters, 20 Ph.D. programs, nine Diplomas, and a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)– in Qatar tailoring them to meet the needs of Qatari society.

Research is an integral part of the academic environment at QU and is bolstered by the state-of-the-art Research Complex, and 14 research centers of excellence. It is further enhanced by over 400 collaborative projects in over 130 countries.

Community engagement is an area stationed at the heart of QU’s mission and vision. The University prides itself on the quality of its students and alumni and is committed to ensuring that campus life is an enriching environment for encouraging academic excellence, volunteerism, civic responsibility, and leadership.

QU is advancing its goal to become a leader of economic and social development in Qatar through collaborations and partnerships with industry, government, academia, business, and civil society in Qatar and beyond.

Type of Program : Academic Programs – Spring 2021

Admission into the various Diploma, Masters and PhD programs at Qatar University is extremely competitive. Admission application requirements and timelines differ by program so applicants are encouraged to pay careful attention to all requirements for each program. Additionally, applicants are strongly encouraged to submit their admissions application and all required documentation according to the admission timelines as Qatar University will not accept applications after the published application deadline.  

Scholarships Types

All scholarships cover the cost of tuition fees while the benefits of some scholarships may also include one or more of the following benefits: the cost of textbooks fees free accommodation in university dormitories, and a yearly airfare ticket to the home country of the student, this benefit is available for international students who granted an external scholarship only and under the sponsorship of the university. The student is responsible to pay the due penalties in case he/she drops courses, or withdraw from the semester.

Scholarships contained within this guide include only first bachelor students and students who transfer from other universities to Qatar University. Non-degree applicants, visiting students, and applicants seeking a second bachelor’s degree are not eligible for academic scholarships offered by Qatar University. SCHOLARSHIP TYPES

Admission Requirements

Applicants who have earned a Bachelor or graduate degree from an accredited institution of higher education or recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education of the applicant’s home country and that of the State of Qatar are eligible for admission to a graduate degree program at Qatar University. Students applying to a graduate degree program at Qatar University must meet all admission requirements and deadlines. In order to be considered for graduate admission at Qatar University, applicants must satisfy each of the following requirements according to their intended program type.

Ph D Degree Applicants
  • A Master’s degree or higher received with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.
  • Standardized test scores (e.g. GRE, GMAT) are required for all PhD programs offered in English.
  • Applicants who have completed a professional master with a GPA of 3.0 or higher must satisfy additional college/program specific admission requirements.
Master’s Degree Applicants
  • A Bachelor’s degree or higher received with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.8.
  • Students must satisfy additional college/program specific admission requirements.
Diploma Degree Applicants

A Bachelor’s degree or higher received with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0.

Spring 2021 Semester

Admission Timeline for all graduate programs

20 September 2020Open graduate online admissions application for all applicants including new, non-degree and visiting applicants (Except Fall 2020 graduates)
22 October 2020Close graduate online admission application for all applicants
06 December 2020Deadline for accepted and Visiting and Non-Degree applicants to submit all required documents including official transcripts and test scores to Admission Department
10 December 2020Admissions Department announces admission decisions for all graduates
10 January 2021Classes begin, Start of application for Defer Request 
14 January 2021Last day of add/drop period for all students
14 January 2021Last day of defer admission.

How to Apply

For more information, please visit Official Website.