Prince of Songkla University Scholarship

  1. Number of Scholarships

1.1 Doctoral Level: 25 scholarships
1.2 Master Level: 25 scholarships

  1. Funding Amount

2.1 Master Students: 316,000 Baht/scholarship

2.2 Doctoral Students
• Master’s Degree based: 528,000 Baht/scholarship
• Bachelor’s Degree based: 704,000 Baht/scholarship
Remark: Scholarship duration determines the amount of funding.

  1. Scholarship Duration

3.1 Master Students
• 2 academic years
3.2 Doctoral Students
• 3 academic years for Master’s Degree-based
• 4 academic years for Doctoral Degree-based
Remark: Scholarship duration depends on the program’s start semester and retention period.

  1. Applicant Qualifications

4.1 Candidates from graduate studies program, whether Thai or foreign, may begin their studies in the 1st
semester of academic year 2024 with a thesis or dissertation plan.
4.2 There shouldn’t be more than one scholarship to cover monthly expenses and/or tuition fees.
If an applicant works a full-time job and receives a monthly stipend while they are pursuing their
studies, they will not be permitted to continue receiving that stipend.
4.3 Commitment to full-time study and research through graduation
4.4 International students must live on campus and attend classes full-time in order to be eligible for

  1. Scholarship Support

5.1 Monthly expenses as a lump sum payment
• Master’s Level: 8,500 Baht/month
• Doctoral Level: 10,000 Baht/month
5.2 Tuition fees waiver

  1. International students must enroll in order to begin their studies by the deadline that the university
    sets. Thus, the scholarship will be awarded upon the recipient’s arrival in Thailand.
  2. A scholar will receive payment for each monthly allowance upon submission of a progress report as
    determined by the Graduate School.
  3. After a scholar passes their thesis defense, they will receive their last payment of allowance each month.

  1. Criteria of Consideration

6.1 Qualifications set by the Graduate School’s announcement
6.2 English language test score
6.3 Experience in research and estimated possibility of quality on research proposal to bring about
publication as required.
6.4 The Graduate School shall appoint a committee to consider, select and interview applicants based on
the Graduate School’s funding allocation criteria.
6.5 The funding decision by the Graduate School is considered final without any appeal.

  1. Terms and Conditions

7.1 Scholarship contract must be signed within 15 days of the scholars’ announcement.
7.2 A report on thesis progress is required every 6 months set by the Graduate School. Without any
action, the scholarship will be suspended.
7.3 An English language proficiency for graduation set by the Graduate School and/or program (PSU-TEP,
CU-TEP, TOEFL, IELTS) within 1 semester after the announcement of scholar. If the period is over, the
scholarship will be cancelled, and returned all funding received.
7.4 Prior to graduation, the scholars are required by the Civil Service Commission in Higher Education
Institutions (OCSC) to have the following publications in reputable international peer-reviewed
journals indexed by databases:
• Field of Science and Technology and Health Sciences: 2 publications for doctoral level, 1
publication for master level (all levels indexed by Web of Science)
• Field of Humanities and Social Sciences: 2 publications for doctoral level, 1 publication for
master level (all levels indexed by Scopus (Q1/Q2)

7.5 Information of publication and a reprint are required to submit to the grantor for termination of
7.6 While receiving this scholarship, a scholar is not allowed to receive another scholarship in the same
as no. 3 unless approved by the grantor.
7.7 A scholar must state in the publication that “Received the PSU-Ph.D. Scholarship in the year XXXX”

  1. Procedure/ Application Period

8.1 Apply through the online system “Scholarship application system” at https://grad-

8.2 Call for application: April 1-30, 2024
8.3 Announcement of scholars: May 31, 2024
8.4 For inquiries, please contact Mrs. Phonpimon Thongchim, Graduate School. Prince of Songkla
University, 10th Floor, LRC Building 2, Hat Yai, Songkhla 90110.
Tel. 0-7428-6996 E-mail:

  1. Required Documents for the Application

9.1 Application for scholarship
9.2 Letter of Acceptance (LoA)
9.3 A brief of research proposal in A4 not over 10 pages
9.4 English language test result (New PSU-TEP, PSU-TEP, CU-TEP, TOEFL, TOEFL-ITP, IELTS)

For more information: