Chang’an University Innovation Scholarship

Directly affiliated to the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China, Chang’an University is one of the State 211 Project key development universities jointly run by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Land Resources, Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Construction and Shaanxi Provincial Government. It is concurrently one of the key development universities on the State “985” Project advantage discipline innovation platform. The university was officially established in the year 2000 by merging the former Xi’an Highway University, Xi’an Engineering Institute and Northwest Institute of Construction Engineering, which were founded in the early 1950s. Chang’an University is located in the historical and cultural city of Xi’an and covers an area of more than 3,755 mu (approximately 250 hectares). The university comprises two teaching campuses and two practice bases. Through its 60 years of development, it has evolved into an influential comprehensive higher institution in China, with engineering as its main discipline focus, combining engineering with sciences, and with multidisciplinary development in economy, management and humanities. It has graduated more than 250,000 talents of different levels, mainly in the fields of highway transportation, land resources and environment and construction engineering.

Chang’an University has 21 schools or departments, 5 national-level key disciplines, 26 provincial-level key disciplines, 8 post-doctoral research stations, 8 first-level and 52 second-level doctoral programs, 26 first-level and 122 second-level master programs, 40 undergraduate specialties as well as 8 fields of degree conferment of Mater of Public Management and Master of Industrial and Commercial Management, and 16 enrollment fields of masters in engineering. Furthermore, it is one of the national bases of culture and quality education for college students, and the selection and training base for reserved officers of the Chinese People’s Armed Police. At present, the enrollment of full-time students in Chang’an University exceeds 34,000, of whom nearly 10,000 are doctoral and mater postgraduates and international students. The employment rate of the graduates stays stably above 93%.

Type of Program

Bachelor Programs : Applied Geology and Materials Science and Technology

Duration: 4 years


  • 18-25 years old, in good health
  • Abide by Chinese Laws and Regulations,
  • Holding a valid foreign ordinary passport,
  • Holding a high school dilpoma
  • To have at least 5.5 in IELTS or 68 in TOEFL

Scholarship Coverage

Waive tuition fee for all academic years, and provide disposable living allowance, total 15000¥. Accommodation is on self-sponsored.

Application opens: 15, May

Application deadline: 30, June

Application Materials

  1. If the applicant is in China, a copy of a valid residence permit is also required.
  2. Please fill in the form in our online system.
  3. The notarization in Chinese or English should be attached if your files are in other languages. Graduating students are supposed to provide a pre-graduation certificate.
  4. The notarization in Chinese or English should be attached if your files are in other languages.
  5. It includes IELTS, TOFEL, TOEIC and other recognized test. And it can be waived if the lingua franca in your country is English.

Application Procedures

Please visit CAU application system at ( to fill in the application form and upload the scan copies of all files, and wait for the preliminary review.

After the preliminary review, please pay 400¥application fee online. (non-refundable)

For more information, please visit Official Website.