Master program at Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto, Japan

There are a number of challenges that East Asia must address if it is to maintain its economic role as one of the leaders of the world. These include challenges relating to environmental stability, food and energy supplies, uneven development between agricultural and industrial sectors, widening income disparities and aging populations and accountability of government and business sectors. Human resource development is crucial in meeting these developmental challenges.

The programme is designed to provide international students with both advanced academic knowledge and practical skills. The master’s program offers both basic and advanced subject through which students can enjoy a comprehensive curriculum.

In addition to classes designed specifically for this programme, students will participate in selected subjects at the Graduate School of Economics as well as other graduate schools. In an international setting, students develop their academic knowledge and practical skills. They also benefit from many opportunities to conduct field research at diverse sites such as large manufacturing plants and small factories, cutting-edge businesses and rural farming communities throughout East Asia so that students can develop a multidisciplinary and critical sense of reality. These are all needed to contribute to sustainable development in East Asia as academic researchers, government officials, or social entrepreneurs.

Number of Applicants to be Admitted
  • Approximately 12 international students are admitted to the programme each year.
Eligibility for Application
  • Applicants must satisfy one of the following qualifications.
    1. The applicant has graduated from university at the time of his or her application, or is expected to graduate from university before his or her enrolment to the programme.
    2. The applicant is recognized by the Graduate School of Economics to possess an academic ability that is equivalent or superior to those who meet the first qualification, and is at least 22 years old at the time of his or her enrolment to the programme.
Scholarship Opportunities for Our Programme
  • MEXT Sholarship

For the 2021 academic year enrolment, top 4 students selected through the procedure
will be recommended to the Japanese Government (MEXT) as scholarship student candidates.

  • The Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program

One student selected through the procedure is eligible to receive a scholarship from the Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program. There are additional requirements to be eligible for the scholarship other than those for applying to our Master’s Programme.

For detailed information for ADB Scholarship, please see this website (The ADB webpage for Scholarship Program).

*All other successful applicants need to be privately funded or apply for scholarships by themselves.

Overall Schedule for Application and Selection
by the end of SeptemberApplication Announcement
NovemberSubmission of Application Documents via Email
Mid-JanuaryAnnouncement of Initial Screening
Mid-January to End of JanuaryNotification of Schedule of Interview and Skype Test
(Only successful applicants will be notified the schedule.)Submission of Hard Copy of Application Documents via Postal Mail
End of January to Early FebruaryInterview via VoIP (e.g. Zoom)
Mid-FebruaryAnnouncement of Final Screening Results
AugustEnrolment Procedures
OctoberEntrance to Programme

For more information, please visit Official Website.