National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), Scholarship for International Student

National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) offers rigorous academic training and inspiring learning experiences that prepare students for dynamic career challenges and future success. We have an award-wining faculty, a diverse student body, and a wide selection of programs from seven colleges and a commission. This combination creates an exceptional learning environment for students. NTHU is an inclusive, resourceful, and supportive community that accommodates diverse student interests and facilitates interdisciplinary training. NTHU is ​committed to quality academic teaching, performance, and services ​to help students achieve their goals.

  1.  All individuals of foreign nationality, who never had a R.O.C. citizenship and do not possess an overseas Chinese student status at the time of their application, are qualified to apply for admission to National Tsing Hua University as an international student.
  2. The following two exceptions are made for individuals who have lived overseas continuously for more than six years. The six year period shall be calculated from the starting date of the semester for which the applicant is applying (Feb.1st for spring semester or Aug.1st for fall semester). “Overseas” refers to countries or regions other than Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau; the term “continuously” means that an individual may stay in Taiwan for no more than a total of 120 days per calendar year.
    • An individual who is also a national of the R.O.C. but does not currently hold and has never held a household registration in Taiwan.
    • An individual who, at the time of application, has had their R.O.C. citizenship annulled by the Ministry of the Interior for no less than 8 years. (Individuals applying under the terms of these two exceptions must have not studied in Taiwan under the status of an Overseas Chinese Students, nor received placement permission through the University Entrance Committee for Overseas Chinese Students.)
  3. Applicants, concurrently holding a permanent residence status in Hong Kong, Macao, having no history of a household registration record in Taiwan and, at the time of application, have resided in Hong Kong, Macao, or another foreign country for no less than 6 years, are also qualified to apply for admission as an international student.

1. Application eligibility is based on the Ministry of Education (MOE) Regulations -Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan. If the MOE Regulations are revised, the most recent MOE Regulations shall be enforced. For the latest information regarding the MOE Regulations, please visit MOE website at
2. International students who are approved for initial household registration, resident registration, naturalization or restoration of their ROC citizenship while studying in Taiwan will lose their international student status and shall withdraw from the university.
3. International students who withdraw from the university due to misconduct, poor academic performance or a conviction under the Criminal Code are not eligible for re-application.
4. Violation of any of the Ministry of Education’s regulations will result in immediate cancellation of the applicant’s admission status or the removal of the applicant’s status as NTHU registered student. No academic certificate will be given.

Application Requirement documents

·         An online application form

·         A photocopy of diploma in English or Chinese

Ø  Applicants for bachelor degree programs must provide a photocopy of their high school diploma.

·         Official transcript in English or Chinese

Ø  Applicants for bachelor degree programs must submit an official high school transcript.

·         Statement of Purpose

Ø  Please provide a concise study plan with a maximum of three pages. In the study plan, applicants are encouraged to describe their motivation for choosing NTHU, and for choosing the specific department or program that they are applying for. 

·         Two letters of recommendation

Ø  Letters of recommendation are preferably from faculty members capable of evaluating the applicant’s academic qualifications and research potential.

·         Financial certificate

Ø  All applicants are required to provide a financial statement issued by a financial institution showing their financial sustainability (minimum US$ 4,000) for study in Taiwan, or a certificate of scholarship.

Ø  If the submitted financial statement is not under the name of the applicant, then the applicant’s sponsor(s) must provide an affidavit indicating their relationship to the applicant and their intent to provide financial support throughout his/her period of study.

·         Declaration form

Ø  Print out the declaration form and sign at the bottom after reading it thoroughly. If applicable, we may ask the applicant to submit a copy of the travel record, or their Forfeited Nationality Permit Certificate issued by the Ministry of the Interior and Non-Household Registration Declaration.

·         Verification of nationality

Ø  Applicants must provide a copy of their passport or some other acceptable verification of their nationality.

·         Program specific requirements

Ø  Applicants must read through the admission instructions for any additional application instructions and/or required documents of the department or program that they are applying to. If applicable, these should be submitted at the same time with their general application.

·         Pretest

Ø  Applicants for Bachelor programs must download the Pretest Instructions from Online Application System and submit the pretest (if any).

·         Application fee

Ø  The regular fee is TWD 2,000 or USD 80 per department/graduate institute. Where an applicant applies for three or more departments/graduate institutes, the fee is TWD 1,500 or USD 65 per additional application from the third application onwards.

Scholarship Type

Type A _ 5,000 NTD per month & Tuition Fee Waiver

Type B _ Tuition Fee Waiver

Award Period: September 2021 to August 2022


  • Pay international student tuition rate after entering NTHU.
  • The student is responsible for paying any of the remaining fees not covered by the waiver, such as: student insurance, health insurance, housing, housing deposit, internet user fee, etc.
  • This is a non-renewable scholarship, and the applicant should apply for a scholarship each year.

Scholarship Decision: Scholarship decisions will be made by April 2021 on the Office of Global Affairs website.

Online Application

Application Deadlines

  • Spring 2021  Application Period 
    • August 15, 2020 – October 15, 2020  15:00pm (Taiwan Time)
  • Fall 2021  Application Period 
    • Undergraduate Admission: November 15, 2020 – February 15, 2021  15:00pm (Taiwan Time)
    • Graduate Admission: January 1, 2021 – March 15, 2021  15:00pm (Taiwan Time) 

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