Thammasat International Student Recruitment (TISR), Academic Year 2024

By approval of Thammasat University, the Office of International Affairs opens the call for applications for international applicants to study in undergraduate and post-graduate levels at Thammasat University under the Thammasat International Student Recruitment Program, Academic Year 2024. Thammasat University hereby provides the following application information:

Study locations
Thammasat University offers education at four different campuses: Tha Prachan, Rangsit, Lampang and Pattaya, as specified in the university announcement related to study locations. The University shall reserve the right to change study locations as deemed appropriate by the Thammasat University Council.

General/ Specific qualifications of the applicants
Individual faculties and programs participating in this call shall determine these qualifications as set forth in the Appendix.

Eligibility requirements and selection process
Individual faculties and programs participating in this call shall determine their own eligibility requirements for international applicants (please refer to the Appendix). The selection committee of individual faculties/ colleges/ institutes has full and final authority to make selection decisions and shall exercise the power to make a ruling which shall be considered final.

Number of selected students in participating program:
As specified in the Appendix.

Categories of Scholarships
Selected applicants who confirm their attendance at Thammasat University and meet the criteria for enrollment will be eligible to be nominated for scholarships. The scholarship programs are divided into three categories:
Category A: Waiver of tuition fees and monthly stipend of 8,000 Baht
Category B: Waiver of tuition fees and monthly stipend of 5,000 Baht
Category C: Waiver of tuition fees
Category D: Waiver of tuition fees by 50%
Category E: Waiver of tuition fees by 25%

Terms and Conditions
1. Prior to completing the online application form, it is imperative to review the admission criteria and requirement.
2. Ensure that all information provided is accurate and truthful. Any discovery of false or inaccurate information may render applicants ineligible for admission.
3.It is essential to submit all required documents for your preferred program and faculty.
4. Please note that incomplete document submissions will not be considered for further processing.
5. All qualifications, certificates, and documents must be submitted in English.
6. Each applicant is allowed to apply for only ONE program.

Admission Timeline for TISR 2024
Application submission date : 1 October – 15 December 2023
Announcement of the eligible candidates for online written and interview examination: 12 January 2024
Test for TU-STAR and Thai Proficiency Test : 20 January 2024
Faculty’s test and interview date : 13 – 28 January 2024
Announcement of successful candidates : 9 February 2024

Thai Program = Programs Taught in Thai Language
English Program = Programs Taught in Thai Language and English Language
International Program = Programs Taught in English Language

TU-Star Test
– TU-Star Mathematics test can be used as a substitute for the SAT and GSAT.
– TU-Star English Language Proficiency test can be used as a substitute for the TOEFL, IELTS and TU-GETS.
– TU-Star Thai Language Proficiency test is exclusively intended for the Thai program.

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