University Leadership Fellowship and Teaching Fellows Application Released

August 18, 2021—Indianapolis, IN, USA: The Burmese American Community Institute (BACI) today announced the releasing of application for university Leadership Fellows and Teaching Fellows designed to support emerging leaders in teaching and higher education leadership inside Myanmar through a new University being established by the Institute and its partners.

While University Leadership Fellows will participate in the overall development of the University’s programs and support university administration, Teaching Fellows will teach or co-teach one or more university level online/virtual courses (see a list of courses here) that a typical U.S. University Certification Program would offer in one of the available subject areas offered by the new University. 

The new University has been developed and designed to provide continuing learning opportunities, equitable and high-quality academic programs for students inside the country whose education has been disrupted due to the ongoing crisis; it further offers teaching, research, policy, and innovative project development activities for the people of Myanmar and stakeholders in Myanmar.

“We are delighted to create new opportunities for Myanmar by the development of new innovative programs in response to emerging needs—especially in light of what’s happening in the country in creative and impactful ways”, said Elaisa Vahnie, Executive Director of BACI. “We look forward to collaboratively working with all our partners locally and internationally in effective and efficient delivery of these critical programs and services”.

With a mission to help produce a well-educated citizenry and regionally and globally competitive workforce through an effective, diverse and democratic federal education system and strong learning institutions in the envisioned peaceful, democratic, and prosperous Myanmar society in which all members have the opportunity to engage in and contribute to civic and economic well-being, the University aims to further develop a comprehensive research university.

The new initiative will fully utilize the experience and expertise of the Center for Research, Policy and Innovation (CRPI) while enjoying the support of its partners and collaborators of higher education institutions in the United States and around the world.

Fellowship job descriptions are available in the following links:
Click here: Application for University Leadership Fellows
Click here: Application for Teaching Fellows
Click here: Fall 2021 (September – December) Course Offerings

Fellowship Application Deadline: August 29, 2021
About Center for Research, Policy and Innovation

Innovatively tailored to meet the emerging needs in the Burmese communities in the global context, implemented under the Center for Research, Policy and Innovation (CRPI) in collaboration with higher education institutions, the program promotes collaborative research and action projects with local researchers, Burmese scholars, international colleagues, and stakeholders engaged in work related to the Burmese American community, Asian Americans, Myanmar, Southeast Asia, and the diaspora
communities. The goal of the CRPI is to further innovative research activities,
policy, and development-oriented projects that align with BACI’s vision and
mission for advocacy, education, and service.

Established in August 2020, the CRPI builds upon nine years of impactful research programming through BACI’s Upward College Summer Scholars program. The Center aims to strengthen existing BACI programs and services, create innovative research projects in response to emerging needs in the community, translate research into action, and develop strategies for sustainability.

“The BACI has built a strong network of local partners and I am thankful for this opportunity to be part of the new center. In partnership with the BACI, we have been
awarded the Charles R. Bantz Chancellor’s Community Scholar Award from
IUPUI. With this we will expand community-driven research and strengthen
community-university collaborations,” said Jessica Euna Lee, PhD, Co-Director
of CRPI who also serves as Academic and Research Advisor.
More information about the CRPI can be found at: 
About Burmese American Community Institute

The Burmese American Community Institute (BACI) is a non-profit organization founded in 2011 that provides educational and vocational support to the Burmese community in greater Indianapolis. The BACI also supports community members regionally, nationally, and globally through new initiatives, collaborative and strategic partnerships, and advocacy.
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