2020 Chinese Government Scholarship at Central South University

Central South University (CSU) is an open university. It has established long-term cooperation with more than 200 universities and research institutes in over 30 countries and regions, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Japan, France, Germany and Russia, and has been extensively engaged in industry-university-research cooperation with a large number of multinational enterprises. Overseas students from more than 100 countries and regions study here.

Program categories, supporting categories, majors and program languages

  1. University Graduate Program
    • Supporting student category: Master student, doctor student
    • Majors and program language: Civil Engineering, Traffic& Transportation Engineering, English teaching program; Clinical Medicine, Nursing, Public Health and Preventive Medicine, Biology, Stomatology, Chinese and English teaching program(Click here)
    • Student from all countries
  2. Silk Road Scholarship Program
    • Supporting student category: Master student, doctor student
    • Majors and program language: Computer Science and Engineering, Control Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, English teaching program
    • Students from the Belt and Road countries(Click here)
  3. Chinese and Africa Friendship Scholarship Program
    • Supporting student category: Master student, doctor student
    • Majors and program language: Civil Engineering, Traffic& Transportation Engineering, English teaching program
    • Students from African Countries

Scholarship Coverage

Full scholarship includes tuition fee, accommodation fee, medical insurance fee, and monthly living allowances (RMB 3000 for master’s candidates and RMB 3500 for doctoral candidates).

Application requirements

  1. Excellent Non-Chinese graduates with good academic performance, good health, and with no criminal record.
  2. Less than 35 years old for Master’s degree study; Less than 40 years old for doctoral study.
  3. A statement that not being funded by any person or institution.
  4. Language Eligibility: Applicants in the clinical medicine program should provide HSK level 4 test scores, Chinese teaching programs with over 220 scores and an English teaching program with over 180 scores.
  5. English teaching programs applicants should obtain a minimum score of 6 in IELTS or 85 in TOFEL. Those who meet one of the following conditions can apply language test result waiver:
    • Applicants whose first language or the official language of the country is Chinese or English.
    • Applicants who have taken a degree program whose teaching language is in Chinese or English.
  6. Applicants must have strong academic background, scientific, and innovative ability.

Application procedure

  1. Online application on CSC system. (This is a MUST step. The CSC Online Application is available on http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/#/login). Select program category in Type B. Agency number of Central South University: 10533. Fill in the information, submit online and print the application form.
    Submit application materials to Central South University. (CSC do not accept application materials)
  2. Online application in the CSU application system.(This is also a MUST step, applicants who doesn’t complete this step won’t be considered)
    Register and log into the CSU international student online system http://application.csu.edu.cn/member/login.do, select Chinese Government Scholarship, and submit the application. The students who pass the primary review will be notified and go through step 3.
  3. Submit fee and hardcopy materials.
    • After the previous 2 steps, please pay the registration fee 500RMB (90 US dollars), and send 2 SETS of hardcopy application materials in the following sequence to the university, uncompleted material won’t be considered.
      1. Printed online Application form in CSC system with personal signature (In either Chinese or English).
      2. Printed online Application form in CSU application system.
      3. Copy of the passport (With more than one year availability).
      4. Certificate of the Highest Academic Degree (Notarized photocopy in Chinese or English). If the applicant is the final year student of the current degree period, please prove the pre-graduate certificate.
      5. Transcript of theMost Advanced Studies(Notarized photocopy in Chinese or English).
      6. Foreigner Physical Examination Form (Photocopy) and copies of blood test reports. The applicant must do all the examines listed on the form. The form will be regarded as invalid if photo missing, examines not completed, no stamp, no signature from the doctor or hospital. The form must be filled in Chinese or English. The examination date must after Jan 1, 2020. Please bring the original copy to the university if the student has been admitted.
      7. Non-criminal record (The date must be after Jan 1, 2020).
      8. A copy of any certificate to prove the English or Chinese level (such as IELTS, TOFEL etc). Or the certificate of language test waiver. Applicants who apply Clinical Medicine majors should provide HSK Level 4 scores or other certificates that prove Chinese language level.
      9. Research Plan (Please specify the previous research background and prospective research field, no less than 800 words).
      10. Two Letters of Recommendation from different professors with detailed contact information (In Chinese or English, the date must after Jan 1, 2020).
      11. Acceptance letter, published papers and other supporting materials.
      12. The copy of bank receipt for material reviewing fee RMB yuan 500 or USD 90.

Note: Please write the student’s full name, nationality and application number on the bank receipt. The material reviewing fee should be sent to the following account:

Account Name -Central South University

Account No -5846 5735 0276

Swift Code -BKCHCNBJ970

Opening Bank -Central South University Branch Bank, Bank of China, Changsha, Hunan, P.R. China

Address for medical majors materials: Room 708, Xiaoqian Building, Xiangya Medical School, No.172 Tongzipo Rd, Yuelu district, Changsha, Hunan, P.R.China. Tel: +86-731-82650391. (地址:湖南省长沙市岳麓区桐梓坡路172号湘雅医学院孝骞楼708办公室。电话:+86-731-82650391)

Address for non-medical majors materials: Room 214, library, Central South University main campus, No.932 South Lushan Rd, Changsha, Hunan, P.R.China. Tel: +86-731-88836410, 88877515.(地址:湖南省长沙市麓山南路932号中南大学校本部图书馆214室。电话:+86-731-88836410, 88877515)

Final Review and Result Release

According to the hardcopies of material and the application situation, the students will be reviewed for final admission results, please pay attention on the CSC online application system and CSU online application system.

All information will be updated on CSU online application system. Please pay attention on the system information.

Enrollment and Notification

  1. Admission letter and visa application form will normally be sent before 31, July 2020. The exact delivery time is pending due to the reviewing procedure.
  2. Registration time is the beginning of September annually and the exact time is specified on the admission letter. Students must register within the time period listed on the admission letter. Those who fail to register within the prescribed time will be cancelled the admission.
  3. Scholarship owners cannot transfer the university, major, or study duration after coming to China.
  4. Regardless of admitted or not, the fee and material is non-refundable.

Annual Review

Scholarship owners must participate annual review for scholarship every May. Those who fail examination, absent from class, cheating, and violate Chinese laws and school disciplines will be cancelled the qualification of the scholarship. If the circumstances are serious, disciplinary action will be given up to expulsion.

Contact Method

Address:School of International Education, Central South University, Changsha city, Hunan Province, P.R. China

Tel:+86-0731-88836410, 88877515 (non-medical major consultation), 82650391(medical major consultation)



Websites:http://en.csu.edu.cn/Int_l_Student.htm (English)

For more information, please visit Official Website.