2022 Global Korea Scholarship for Undergraduate Degrees

Global  Korea  Scholarship  is  designed  to  provide  international  students  with  opportunities  to  study  at higher educational institutions in Korea in pursuit of academic degrees, which will enhance international  education  exchange  and  deepen  mutual  friendship  between  Korea  and  participating countries.

Degree Programs

CategoryAssociate Degree Bachelor’s Degree
Period 1 year of Korean language training
+ 2-3 years of degree program
1 year of Korean language training
+ 4-6 years of degree program

*Bachelor’s degree programs of 5~6 years (e.g. Architecture, Medicine) are newly added from the 2022 GKS-U program

Application Period  

1. Embassy track: Application start date and deadline will be decided at each embassy’s discretion.  
2. University track: Application start date and deadline will be decided at each university’s discretion. However, the application for the university track will be open until October 20th.

*Applicants must check with Korean embassies and desired universities regarding the exact application deadline. 


For more detailed information, please refer to the attached documents.