Apply to HKBU in Early Round for better scholarship opportunity

At Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU),  they process applications and issue offers with scholarship awards on a rolling basis. If you are interested in scholarship, you are strongly advised to apply in the Early Round. Here are some tips on application:


·         Open an account here for the online application. Familiarize yourself with the form by studying the instructions.

·         Each applicant may choose up to 2 programmes. You will be considered by 2nd choice only if you are rejected by 1st choice. For your information, School of Business does not consider 2nd choice.

·         Once the application is submitted, you cannot change your programme choice(s). Please think and check carefully before submission.

·         All applicants will be considered for scholarship if appropriate. No separate application is required.

Required documents

·         If you don’t have your exam results yet, simply apply with your latest transcript and predicted grades (if available). You may submit the exam results later when they are available.

·         Upload a passport copy to confirm your status as an international student. If you are in the process of applying for a passport, please upload the copy of your national ID first, and submit the passport copy later when it is available.

·         If the document is not written in English, please provide a notarized English translation.

·         If the documents are confidential to you, you may ask your teacher to send them to me by email, quoting your application number, which is available at the top left corner on the application system.

·         Reference letter and personal statement are optional but welcome. There are no requirements or guidelines on the content or quantity.

·         If you are taking a gap year after high school graduation, you are suggested to explain your situation in a personal statement.

Common mistakes to avoid

·     If you are in the final year of high school, you are entitled to apply for Year 1 entry only.

·     Some of the programmes adopt broad-based admissions, for example:

–          if you would like to study Computer Science, you have to apply for Year 1 of Bachelor of Science, not Year 3 of Computer Science; or

–          if you would like to study Marketing, you have to apply for Year 1 of Bachelor of Business Administration, not Year 3 of Marketing

Please make sure that you take a careful look at the programme list, and if in doubt, please contact me for assistance.

·     There are some programmes that require Chinese proficiency (see > Programme Entrance Requirements), they are:

–          Chinese Language and Literature

–          Chinese Medicine

–          Translation

Application for these programmes will be rejected if applicant cannot provide proof of Chinese language proficiency.

·     [For IB students only] Under “Highest Qualification”, please choose ‘Secondary School’ if you are graduating this academic year. Do not choose ‘Diploma Programme’ for IB.

Due to system issues, the launch of the Early Round Application is rescheduled to 4 Oct 2021. It will be open until 30 Nov 2021. Use the extra time for preparation, so that you could start an application once it’s open. If you are unsure of anything, feel free to write to me, or book a time to chat with Sam Wong (Admissions Manager) at