“Chinese Government Scholarship- Chinese University Program” Lanzhou University

Education of foreign students in Lanzhou University first started in 1983, and the self-supporting program begun to enroll foreign students in 1989. In accordance with the education history of Lanzhou University over 100 years and based on its profound schooling capability, our school earnestly implemented the national guideline for international students education and carried on innovative exploration. Now, we have made great progress in expanding the scale, optimizing the structure, guaranteeing the quality and improving the management. Over the past 30 years, our university has recruited over 4,000 international students; currently, about 700 registered international students, from 64 countries and regions across 5 continents, are studying at LZU.

In light of the national guideline “expanding the scale, optimizing the structure, guaranteeing the quality and improving the management” in the area of international students education, the number and nationalities of international students has increased year by year, student subject has shifted from only Chinese language learners to bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree.

Now we have a faculty of 28 teachers, among whom, the number of Chinese language teachers is 17 and managerial staff is 11. We have formed a mechanism for international student education which focuses on teaching, scientific research and management, and formed a favorable environment where we share the same aspiration and make our own contribution to our school. In this way, we also created a platform for for Lanzhou University to expand exchange and communacation with other parts of the world.

Our school always attaches great importance to the cultural cultivation  for international students and the introduction and spreading of Chinese culture. In addition to various levels of Chinese language teaching, we also opened diverse courses ranging from Chinese culture, martial arts, calligraphy and painting, Chinese classical poems appreciation, ceramic experience, Peking opera introduction and paper-cut arts. Moreover, we have organized and launched various activities for international students, for instance, Chinese Bridge Contest, Stay in China, Experience China, Cultural Festivals of international students and so on. At present, we have nurtured a lot of excellent international students.

Lanzhou University, founded in 1909,is a comprehensive university directly under the Ministry of Education in China. It is also one of the key construction universities of the national “985 Project” and “211 Project”, and is one of the national “double first-class” construction universities.

Lanzhou University boasts of a wide range of disciplines, covering all 12 disciplines. Currently, a total of 13 disciplines including chemistry, physics, materials science, earth science, plant zoology, mathematics, engineering, biology and biochemistry, environment and ecology, clinical medicine, medicine and toxicology, agricultural science and social science has entered the top 1% of ESI, among which the chemistry reaches the top 1‰.

Type of Program
  • Master’s Program: 2-3 years
  • Doctoral Program: 4 years
  • Students who choose classes taught in Chinese should have one year Chinese studying (up to 1 year).
Scholarship Coverage
  1. Free of Tuition
  2. Provide free accommodation (double room)
  3. Provide stipend, the standard is:
    • For Master’s: RMB 3,000/Month
    • For Doctoral candidate: RMB 3,500/Month
  4. Provide RMB 800 comprehensive medical insurance
    • PS: Students need to buy third-party liability insurance for RMB 100/semester or RMB 200/year themselves.
Qualifications for Scholarship Application
  1. Non-Chinese Nationality and in good health
  2. Degree and Age Requirements:
    • Applicants for Master Degree studies must have a Bachelor’s Degree and under the age of 35;
    • Applicants for Doctoral Degree studies must have a Master’s Degree and under the age of 40.
  3. Have good grades and outstanding scientific research ability
  4. Applicants must not accept other scholarships
  5. Applicants apply Chinese taught programs require HSK Level4 180 or above (certificate is valid for 2 years)
  6. Applicants apply English taught programs require IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL 80 or other proof of their English proficiency, native English speakers do not require certificate of English proficiency.

Please check the attachment below for more information of majors. The major can be applied will be subjected to the approved ones by China Scholarship Council, and all programs can accept application of general or advanced visitors.

Application Procedure
  1. Finish online application: http://studyinchina.csc.edu.cn/#/register. (Program category: B; Agency code: 10730).
  2. Finish online application in Lanzhou University international students online service system: https://lzu.17gz.org. And upload all original documents scanned copy.


  • Hard copy is no longer required this year.
  • Fill in correct email address and check your email frequently, Lanzhou University will contact you through email for future interviews

Applications Deadline: April 30th, 2021.

For more information, please visit Official Website.