Chulalongkorn University’s Graduate Scholarship Programme for ASEAN or Non-ASEAN Countries

Chulalongkorn University’s Graduate Scholarship Program for ASEAN or Non-ASEAN Countries;
the Second Semester, Academic Year 2022

Application Form

Scholarship Details

Application Step

Applicants must send the completed application form and relevant documents directly to the Faculty/Programme of their choice before the deadline set by the University’s Office of Academic Affairs.

Applicants must be screened and recruited by the Faculty/Programme of their choice before their names are forwarded to the Office of Academic Affairs, Chulalongkorn University. All relevant application documents which have been screened by the Faculty/Programme must arrive at the Office of Academic Affairs within the University’s deadline; November 18, 2022.

In this regard, the department wishing to apply for the scholarship allocation considers, selects, selects and nominates the applicants that the department wishes to receive scholarships who meet the specified criteria and pass the consideration of the applicant’s suitability for study. Executive committee of each program/section By requesting that the application form and complete supporting documents be sent to the Academic Mission Driving Department. Office of Academic Administration from now on.

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