Gotoh Educational Corporation Tokyu Group Scholarship for the Graduate Schools of Tokyo City University

This scholarship is open to privately-financed international students entering the Master’s program at Tokyo City University (TCU) and who wish to continue to the doctoral program. It is intended to partially cover the expenses of establishing a suitable study environment. The goal of this scholarship is to educate leaders who, building on their research and achievements at TCU, will take an innovative role in an international society.

Tokyo City University (TCU) calls for application for the “Gotoh Education Cooperation Tokyu Group Scholarship” for the future graduate students who will enter the Master program and continue to the doctoral program at Tokyo City University.

TCU has started the application for the fall semester 2020 scholarship. The condition is limited to those who have achieved academic results within the top ten percent at a university. The scope of this scholarship is 1,000,000 yen per year for the whole period until the completion of the Doctoral program (Max. 5 years). The scholarship students are exempted from both the entrance fee and the tuition fee and receive full financial support of the initial and monthly rent payment of the newly opened international dormitory.

Type of Programs

  1. Graduate School of Integrative Science and Engineering
  2. Graduate School of Environmental and Information Studies


To be eligible for this scholarship, the applicant must be a privately-financed international student, and must satisfy all the following requirements,

  1. To excel both academically and personally, and to expected to make significant contributions in research and to the internationalization of the university.
  2. As a rule, to have achieved academic results within the top ten percent at a university within the top ten percent of universities in their country.
  3. To be able to submit a letter of recommendation from the president of the university where the above results were achieved.
  4. To have enrolled in a masters degree course, and to continue to a doctoral level course at TCU graduate school.
  5. To not be receiving any other scholarships or bursaries.

Application Process

1. Submit TCU application form and necessary documents

2. Academic Transcript

3. A Letter of Recommendation from the university president, dean of school or an equivalent person.

4. Completed the Prior Consultation Form by November 15,2019

Prior Consultation form for Scholarship

Application Time frame

Application Opening: Ongoing

Application Deadline: November 30, 2019 (September 2020 Intake)

Please see the following websites for more information.