I-Shou University (ISU) Admission for Fall 2021

I-Shou University (ISU) has four goals: excellent teaching, featured research, excellent service, and international connections. Currently, it has nine colleges with some 16,000 students. It is a well-developed comprehensive private university with a strong conviction that education is the best way to change one’s destiny. With the support of E United Group and rich teaching and research resources, ISU will lead students to realize their dreams and make them the best talents for the international community. With the “ISU 2028 Project” I proposed, I aspire to take ISU to another level through seven domains on university affairs, including: 1) implementing outstanding and innovative teaching, 2) promoting self-learning in interdisciplinary fields, 3) extending holistic education, 4) extending education about creativity, innovation, creation, and start-up, 5) carrying out visionary and featured research, 6) entering the international stage to compete with the world, and 7) creating a sustainable and happy campus.

Programs taught in English
Dept. of Applied English* 
Dept. of International Media and Entertainment Management 
Dept. of International Business Administration 
Dept. of International Finance 
Dept. of International Tourism and Hospitality 
International Program on Intelligent Systems and Automation Engineering 
IMBA Program 

* Note: An asterisk (*) indicates that courses in translation and interpretation will be taught in both English and Chinese.

When and How to Apply

Application Period: December 7, 2020- July 20, 2021

How to Apply
  1. Online Application (only online applications with completed supporting documents will be considered):
    • STEP 1: Visit the International Student Application System: https://enroll.isu.edu.tw/DI/
    • STEP 2: Complete an application form online, make sure that all information provided is true and correct, and save it.
    • STEP 3: Download  and  print  out  the  completed  application  form  (including an affidavit, a Checklist  & Affidavit  for  International  Students  Undertaking Studies in Taiwan, and a financial statement), sign them, and scan them.
    • STEP 4: Upload the signed application form and documents as well as other required documents to the System (no hard copy is required)
  2. For admission information, please contact:
    • Tel: +886-7-6577711 ext. 2133
    • Fax: +886-7-6577477 or +886-7-6577478
    • Email: dradm@isu.edu.tw
  3. Application Fee: None
  1. Taiwan Scholarship
  2. ISU International Student Scholarship

Please refer to the Regulations for International Student Scholarship at I-Shou University at: http://oica.isu.edu.tw.

For more information, please visit Official Website.