Kun Shan University Admission for Fall 2021

Kun Shan University was officially founded on April 29, 1965, known as Kun Shan Institute of Technology. It is located on Kun Da Road, Yung Kang District in Tainan City on a beautiful and spacious campus including a quaint shimmering pond, a combination of ancient Chinese and modern structures and is home to a nine cornered bridge, pavilions, flowers and trees.

In August 2000, Kun Shan Institute of Technology was promoted by the Ministry of Education to a technological university. Many new facilities have been constructed on campus, such as laboratories, audio-visual classrooms, faculty research rooms, and discussion rooms to provide both students and faculty a positive environment to study and do research.

Originally, it was an industrial junior college, then afterwards it was changed to a junior college of industry and business. Due to its achievements in offering high quality education, of more than ten junior colleges the school was the first one of its kind to be promoted a college of technology, and then finally once again promoted to the status of a university of technology. The various stages of this transformation have closely kept up with the changes in the country’s key stages of development that demand a pool of talented professionals.

Kun Shan has put emphasis on integrating school transportation, campus landscape and structures, department offices, regular classrooms and laboratories in order to provide a comfortable educational environment. As for the integration of college buildings, they have been remodelled to accommodate five colleges: The College of Engineering, The College of Business and Management, The College of Applied Human Ecology, The College of Creative Media, and The College of Information and Technology. Kun Shan University is a home for more than 14,000 undergraduate and graduates students. The University’s excellent reputation draws students from 20 countries.

International Programs
Master program in Mechanical Engineeringhttps://eng-web.ksu.edu.tw/DTCEMER/bulletin/
Master program in Business Administrationhttps://eng-web.ksu.edu.tw/DTMABAD/page/
Master program on Mechatronic Automation Engineering and Managementhttps://eng-web.ksu.edu.tw/DTCEEED/page/54998
Master program in Computer and Communication Engineering Management https://eng-web.ksu.edu.tw/DTMAIMR/page/53550
Bachelor Program in Mechanical Engineeringhttps://eng-web.ksu.edu.tw/DTCEMED/page/
Bachelor Program in Business Administrationhttps://eng-web.ksu.edu.tw/DTMABAD/page/53554
Scholarship Information
  • KSU provides the international students with KSU International Elite Scholarship, which will support them to pursue their academic study. It is provided to all the new coming international students in the first year. It has the tuition fee partially waived. The students pay NT$ 30,000 per semester in the FIRST year.
  • The scholarship will be re-evaluated according to the semester average grades from the SECOND year.
    1. KSU Board Chairman Scholarship
    2. KSU International Elite Scholarship
  • Disqualification

If the students fail to reach the following standard, the payment for the semester will be paid all by students themselves.

DegreeAverage GradesMoral Conduct Grades

Application Period: January 1 – May 31, 2021 (Taiwan Time, GMT+8)

How to apply

(Note: Those who have incomplete documents on their application forms will result in a fail application.)

  • Applying on Paper: 2021 KSU Application Form (attached)
Application information

*All of the documents must be submitted in English or in Chinese.

  1. Application Form for Admission with two recent passport-size photos
  2. Certificate stating that the applicant who has had or once had dual nationality has lost his/her citizenship to the Republic of China.
  3. One photocopy of official highest degree diploma with verification by Taipei Economic and Cultural Office or Taiwan Embassy. (English or Chinese verified version is also necessary if the original diploma is not in either language. The original verified certificate shall be submitted upon registration at the beginning of the new semester.)
  4. One photocopy of complete highest degree transcript with verification by Taipei Economic and Cultural Office or Taiwan Embassy. (English or Chinese verified version is also necessary if the original transcript is not in either language. The original verified transcripts shall be submitted upon registration at the beginning of the new semester.)
  5. Recommendation Letter
  6. Autobiography
  7. Thesis Proposal (Master program applicants)
  8. One photocopy of official bank statement, with a minimum balance of US$ 6,000 per person. (The original bank statement shall be submitted upon registration at the beginning of the new semester.)
  9. Photocopy of Passport
  10. Language Proficiency Certificate
  11. Scholarship Recipients Certificate
  12. Other Supported Documents (if any)


  • Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs, Kun Shan University
  • No. 195, Kunda Rd., Yong Kang District, Tainan City 71070, Taiwan
  • Tel:  +886-6-2727175 Ext. 258 or +886-6-2050659
  • Fax:+886-6-2053271
  • E-mail: a107000019@g.ksu.edu.tw / oiah@mail.ksu.edu.tw

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