KKU Scholarship for ASEAN-GMS Countries for Second Semester of Academic Year 2020

Khon Kaen University has always taken an important role to participate in developing personnel and resources of the GMS countries, especially the neighboring countries. Human resource development is the heart of all aspects of national development. Collaboration among academic institutions of the countries in ASEAN Community is vital and a necessity in response to he role of ASEAN Community in the world society and augmentation of the potentiality of our regional human resources. This is especially true in academic and research work, which Khon Kaen University has continuously encompassed in its major mission towards the GMS countries human resource development. 

  1. Be nationals of ASEAN or GMS countries (including Yunnan and Guangxi of China)
  2. The applicant must not be over 40 years of age on the date of application.
  3. Hold a bachelor’s degree if applying for a master level degree and if applying for a doctoral level degree, both bachelor and master’s degrees are required.
  4. Have a good English proficiency.
  5. Be of good health; physically and mentally.
  6. Fulfill all the requirements as per those who are eligible to study in the particular curriculum of Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Public Health, Faculty of Science and International College Khon Kaen University.
Type of Scholarship

Master’s degree: 2 years
Doctoral degree: 3 years

How to Apply?

The application form and all relevant documents can be found at the
International Affairs Division website at https://iad.kku.ac.th/ under the topic ‘scholarship’.

  • Complete the online application form, print out and sign.
  • Download and complete the form: KKU-Scholar II and KKU-Scholar III.
  • Scan the application form together with KKU-Scholar II, KKU-Scholar III and all relevant documents as a single file (.pdffile)then upload to the system.
Required Documents
  1. Application form with photo.
  2. Copy ( or copies) of academic transcripts. If applying for a master’ s degree, the official academic transcript of the undergraduate degree is required. If applying for a doctoral degree, the official academic transcripts of both the undergraduate and master’ s degree are required.
  3. Copy ( or copies) of the degree certificate/ s issued by applicant’ s institution of graduation.
  4. Copy of English proficiency test results issued by a language testing center from January 31, 2019 onward; details can be found at: https://gs.kku.ac.th/home/index.php/admission-english/admission-how-to-apply.html. Please note that all doctoral degree candidates need to hold English proficiency test results and meet our requirements. KKU does not accept any application without it. The master’s degree applicants without English proficiency test results are welcome but KKU will give priority to applicants who have English proficiency test results. KKU will not consider a result which was a part of the applicant’ s studies. These English proficiency test results are required for the consideration of the scholarship application only. The scholarship recipient may need to meet further English language requirements before graduating from KKU.
  5. Two letters of recommendation written by senior staff of the applicant’s current working institution or from a lecturer/advisor of a previous institution from which the applicant graduated ( Form: KKU-Scholar II).
  6. Certified copy of passport or English translation of birth certificate or English translation of national identification card.
  7. Physical examination certificate/ medical certificate ( only hospital certificates accepted) dated from April 9, 2020 onward (Form: KKU Scholar III).
  8. A criminal clearance testimonial from the home country of the applicant issued in English by an authorized official organization, or a version translated into English with an original copy of the version in the domestic language.
  9. If the applicant is receiving any other financial support by another organization, either international or domestic, the applicant must provide copies of the grant/scholarship where the amount and type of financial support received is clearly stated.
  10. A copy of the MOU between the applicant’s home institute/university and KKU (only for those applicants who come from a university that has an MOU with KKU).
  11. Copy (or copies) of professional training certificates or any document to improve your application (if any).
Application Deadline

The application and all relevant documents must be submitted no later than
October 9, 2020 by 04.00 p.m. Thailand local time. Late submissions or
incomplete applications will not be considered.

For more information, please visit Official Website.