National Taipei University Admission for Fall 2021

National Taipei University is known for educating and training talents in the fields of law, business,  public affairs, social sciences, humanities, electrical engineering and computer science; its students have made significant contributions to Taiwan’s political, social, and economic development. There are more than 100,000 alumni in both public and private sectors. Many of our graduates go on to be highly successful professionals serving in government agencies, and even more NTPU alumni are founders, top-level managers of listed companies, law offices or accounting firms. These graduates, the university’s greatest pride and asset, have outstanding achievements and contributions; and there are even more unsung heroes who serve as pillars of this society. In the six decades since its establishment, the university has embraced the philosophy of “instruction and research working hand in hand to create an institution of higher learning with strong social foundation and sustainable governance.” It focuses on contributing aggressively to the nation’s economic and social development, exerting influence over government, social, and private organizations to fulfill its social responsibility. NTPU is currently made up of six colleges including the College of Law, College of Business, College of Public Affairs, College of Social Sciences, College of Humanities, and College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. More than 500 faculty members serve a student body of nearly 10,000. The university encourages its students to take up a minor or have a double degree; it also provides diverse learning opportunities in other universities. Students have since regarded interdisciplinary learning as a very viable option. The university’s Sanshia campus sits on 54 hectares of land, planted with more than 100 species of flowers, trees, and bushes. These plants carpet the university with lush greenery and vivid colors all-year round. This picturesque scene serves as a backdrop for the calm and serene lake beside which the dormitories are built, serving as homes for more than 1,000 students. Sports and the promotion of athletics have always been a priority of the university. Beyond the lush greenery are the sports facilities, which include a soccer field, a softball field, tennis courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts, table tennis rooms, aerobic studios, a rock climbing center, an athletic gym, a bike room, and Level 2 outdoor track and field oval. Come and be a part of the NTPU family! You are also very welcome to visit our campus and savor the old world atmosphere bustling with young vitality.

English Programs
  1. International Program on Urban Governance
    • The international program on urban governance (IPUG) at National Taipei University is a 2-year master program for international students.
    • IPUG provides a scholarship that covers tuition fees, credit fees, and other living costs. They also provided graduate assistantship and research assistantship opportunities for students.
    • After you enter the application system, please select:
    • Master → International College of Sustainability Innovations → International Program on Urban Governance (Instructed in English) (IPUG only accepts full-time students, and these students must reside for at least two years on the Shan Shia campus of National Taipei University.)
    • For more details and required documents, please refer to the IPUG website:
  2. Master Program in Smart Healthcare Management
  3. Master Program of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance

NTPU Online Application System

*No application fee is needed.

Required documents
  1. Application form (Fill the form online. Applicant must affix his/her signature on the declaration and upload it to the online application system.)
  2. Two-page study plan which should include:
    • Your specific area of academic interest (i.e. a specific research topic you want to work on) and what you have known about this topic.
    • How your past education and other experiences have prepared you to be successful in the graduate program.
    • Your professional goals or career plan.
  3. Resume or CV
  4. Official certificate of bachelor’s degree/diploma
  5. Official undergraduate transcript (Please provide the transcripts with GPA on it.)
  6. Non-English native speakers should provide certificate(s) of English language proficiency (such as a TOEFL score, IELTS score, or other proofs of English language proficiency)
  7. Financial statement
  8. A copy of passport (main page)
  9. Recommendation letters (optional)

 *Financial Aid Application Form for Prospective Students (Optional. However, it’s a compulsory document for those who intend to apply for the IPUG scholarships, assistantships, and tuition and fee waiver.)

*If any original document mentioned above is not presented in English or not possible to acquire English version, a copy of certified translation must be provided.

Application for the fall semester 2021 starts now!

Application Period: February 1st to April 30th 2021.

For more information, please visit Official Website.