Ph.D. in Governance and Development

The Doctor of Philosophy Program in Governance and Development is a unique interdisciplinary program offered by the Graduate School of Public Administration at NIDA, which emphasizes administration, competencies and knowledge that run through all organizations, both large and small. The program is designed to improve the skills of academics, researchers, executives and professionals from public and private agencies and institutions, including educational institutions, government agencies, business and non-government organizations in order for them to better serve their organizations.

The selection and training of future scholars and administrators a most serious responsibility in our society. How well these tasks are accomplished will be of great importance to the public and to all levels of government. As we move toward convergence of organizational goals within a changing social environment, contemporary administrators will be required to exercise their decision-making power in an increasingly complex and uncertain world. This program is expected to provide graduates with the requisite conceptual, analytical, and affective skills that are relevant to their goals and of significant value to society and to their workplace institution, business, or agency.


Available Scholarships, Qualifications of Applicants, Coverage and Validity
For students who are in need of financial assistance, the following scholarships and grants are available:

General Requirement for Scholarships and Grants
  1. Submission of a formal letter of application and letter of request outlining the reasons why they should receive a scholarship grant to the program director.
  2. Student Scholarship recipients are required to maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.3 for Category I, II, and III scholarships.
  3. All scholarship recipients are required to meet special conditions for graduation as outlined in the Call for Application.

Funding Duration
Dating from the opening date of the semester in which the recipient is registered as Institute’s student, the funding duration are as followings:

  • Doctoral Program 3 years


Application Form

Announcement Year 2020 (2nd Semester)
Admissions to the Doctor of Philosophy Program in Governance and Development Graduate School of Public Administration National Institute of Development Administration

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