Zhejiang Government Scholarship for New International Master’s Degree Students, 2022-2023 Academic Years

Zhejiang University is opening an application for Zhejiang Government Scholarship for new International Master’s degree students for the 2022-2023 academic years.

Application Deadline

  • February 28, 2022


1. Scholarship applicants must meet the qualifications for postgraduate admissions of Zhejiang University. Please refer to the 2022 application guide for master’s degree programs for details  (Link.

2. Applicants must have proper attitude towards study and scientific research, and with good grades.

3. Applicants must not be beneficiaries of other scholarships at the same time.

Scholarship Coverage and Duration

  • The funding amount of this scholarship is RMB 30,000 yuan, and the funding period is one year.

Application Materials

Applicants must submit the following application materials through the Online Application System for International Students before the deadline:

1. All the required application documents for admissions. Please refer to the Admission Bulletin for Master’s Degree Programs, 2022. (Link)

2. The Application Form for Zhejiang Government Scholarship (Click the filename to download)

3. Non-criminal record certificate.

4. Other supplementary materials and telephone/video interview may require by the university if necessary.

Admission and Notification

  • Zhejiang University will comprehensively consider and decide whether to recommend an applicant as a candidate for the Zhejiang Government Scholarship, based on the application materials and the performance of the applicant during the telephone/video interview.
  • The application results will be announced on the website of the International College in the autumn and winter semester of the 2022-2023 academic year.


Address: Room 418, International College Building, West Zone, Zi-jin-gang Campus, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou,China

Post Code: 310058

Tel: +86 571 87951537

Fax: +86 571 87951755

Email: admissionmaster@zju.edu.cn

Website: http://iczu.zju.edu.cn

Additional Notes

1. You ONLY need to pay one application fee for both the admission to Zhejiang University’s master’s degree programs and different types of scholarships.

2. Scholarship students who are unable to register due to health or other personal reasons will be disqualified for admission and scholarship.

3. Scholarship qualifications will not be retained for students who are unable to continue their studies due to health reasons or other personal reasons, or who apply for suspension or withdrawal.

4. The International College of Zhejiang University is responsible for the interpretation of the scholarship granting procedures and regulations.