Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta

Full Time Enrollment

International Student Admissions Schedule

YearBatchApplication PeriodFirst Phase AnnouncementInterviewSecond Phase AnnouncementValidation PeriodOrientation WeekSemester Intake
2022/20231December, 23rd 2021 – March, 11th 2022March, 23rd 2022March, 28th – 31st 2022April, 6th 2022April, 18th – June, 10th 2022September, 12th – 14th 2022September, 19th 2022
2022/20232March, 14th – May, 27th 2022June, 11th 2022June, 14th– 17th 2022June, 22nd 2022June, 23rd – July, 15th 2022September, 12th – 14th 2022September, 19th 2022
2023/20241June, 6th – November, 25th 2022December, 7th 2022December, 13th– 16th 2022December, 21st 2022January, 2nd – 27th 2023September 2023September 2023
2023/20242December, 5th – April, 28th 2023May, 10th 2023May, 16th– 19th 2023May, 24th 2023June, 5th – 30th 2023September 2023September 2023

Duration of study

● Undergraduate program : 4 academic years (8 semesters)

● Postgraduate program : 2 academic years (4 semesters)

● Doctoral : 4 academic years

Offered Scholarship for Tuition Fee

The international students who takes Undergraduate and or Postgraduate degree program will be free from tuition fee and living cost for one (1) year. For the second and or next semester will be considered based on grade point average (GPA)* in this following :

Undergraduate Program
≥ 3.00Free tuition fee and living cost
2.75 ≤ GPA < 3.00Discount 75% of tuition fee
< 2.75Scholarship Revoked
Master and Doctoral Program
≥ 3.50Free tuition fee and living cost
3.25 ≤ GPA < 3.50Discount 75% of tuition fee
3.00 ≤ GPA < 3.25Discount 50 of tuition fee
< 2.75Scholarship Revoked

*GPA scale is using The 4.0 Scale

Living Cost
ProgramMonthly Allowance
UndergraduateIDR 1,850,000
MasterIDR 2,350,000
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